8 Best Ideas for Recycled Furniture


After seeing the disposal of giving it a new purpose, it naturally becomes more of an interest in recycled furniture. Learn how to recycle furniture.

In this article, here are eight fun ways to recycle furniture. Recycled furniture is not only beautiful but also practical. With a little time and effort, you can create works of art that beautify your space.

There are several advantages to using recycled furniture. It’s much cheaper, lasts longer, and benefits the planet. This is the reason why we propose to redecorate the space by recycling furniture. You can create a modern and simple space with recycled furniture.

Nowadays, interest in eco-friendliness is increasing. This is why we are paying attention to recycled furniture. Eco-friendly recycled furniture can pass on a better future to our children. Not only does it benefit the planet, but it can also be useful in the space we live in.

8 fun ways to get recycled furniture

1) Barrel coffee table

Recycled furniture from Barrel

You can make a beautiful coffee table out of an empty barrel. You can cut it in half and use it. Take it to a carpenter near your house and ask him to cut it, and he will cut it in half. Sometimes the empty barrel has a bracket. Rather, this bracket will help you cut it in half.

The barrel is prettier in its original color, but if you want to paint it in a different color, you can paint it. Even if you do not paint, it is better to apply varnish once to coat.
Place two brackets on the floor and raise the barrel. Place a thick wooden board on the barrel.

2) Recycle Wooden Framed window for Table

Wooden framed window turned into Table
Image Credit: Pinterest

If you have a wooden framed window that you no longer use, recycle it as a practical table. You only need to purchase and attach the table legs separately. You can place this table in the entrance or hallway, and on it, you can place souvenirs or ornaments you bought while traveling.

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3) Thai table and chair

Recycle Rubber tires for Chairs
Image Credit: Pinterest

There are so many ways to recycle tires. Paint the two tires with your favorite color paint, stack the two and place a glass plate on them. The tires are rubber, so the glass will not slip.

4) Using the bathtub as furniture

Image Source

Don’t throw away old bathtubs that you no longer use. It can be cut and used as an armchair. Wash it and wipe it well. Put a cushion or pillow on it and it becomes pretty furniture!

5) Recycling the wooden boards of your furniture

Using wooden boards for attaining a perfectly shaped recycled furniture

You can make many different pieces of furniture from wooden boards. There are several methods, such as making stairs and placing them in your yard. Stack two wooden boards to make a table, or make a chair or sofa and place it in the entrance or patio.

6) Coat hanger made of old wood and fork

Used wooden Board and 2 forks perfect display of recycled furniture
Image Credit: Pinterest

Prepare a piece of wood. It doesn’t matter much about the shape or size. The more unusual it is, the prettier it is if it is recycled. Rub the wooden surface with sandpaper to make it smooth. Next, bend the 3 forks to make a coat hanger and a coat hanger.

7) Cork chair

Image Credit: urban-objects

To make a chair with cork, you must first collect a lot of cork. Furniture made of cork is not as powerful as furniture made of wooden boards or barrels, so it is best to collect as much cork as possible.
You can also decorate it with cork and decorate it on a window or table.

8) Bicycle wheel table

Table made out of recycled cycle tire
Image Source: catawiki

Use the bicycle wheel as a table leg. Put two nails on the wooden board. Then, fix the tire with legs under the table plate.
If you make a table with bicycle wheels, you can create a vintage look that is fashionable these days.

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