Rebuilding and Renovation Trends to Follow in 2022


At the moment you hear nothing more than that everyone is renovating. As in previously written blogs, I already mentioned that we were going to renovate the bathroom and kitchen. We are currently in the middle of finishing this, but I can tell you that it looks really beautiful already. In this piece, I tell you more about the renovations that you can do in your home to ensure that you enjoy your home even more.

Buy and renovate a house to your taste

If you buy a house, you will always make changes to the house over the years. Purely because you enjoy doing this yourself and it becomes more your taste, but also to ensure that your house will be worth more when you sell it. Your taste also changes over the years. For example, where we used to have everything black, white, gray, and wood, we now have much more color in our house.

The style you want for your home will also change throughout the years. When you decide to switch up the design of your home, quite a few aspects will be replaced or altered. Pick items like furniture, appliances, and other things that will be synonymous with the aesthetic you have in mind. For example, if you want a part of your home to feel luxurious, consider adding furniture with sophisticated and avant-garde designs in your living room. You can also set up an indoor golf course with a portable moss putting green in your den. Add wood furniture and potted plants in strategic places if you want a forest-like feel in your kitchen.
Whatever style you choose, consider the space of your home and the budget you have allocated for renovation. Even with a smaller budget, you can create big changes to your space.

A staircase renovation

The staircase renovation is one of the things that are currently high on the list. You mainly see closed stairs at the moment with light wood and white colours, but there are also black and anthracite stairs with leather and dark wood around too. Lighting under the stairs has also been increasingly utilised. I personally find a steel staircase with blue steel noses very beautiful in combination with leather or wood and of course the lighting! If you’ve made the decision to renovate your stairs then you should be prepared for the fact that you may have to deal with a substantial amount of material that is no longer required. As this can be difficult to get rid of, you can look into local dumpsters for hire for extra convenience and a less stressful renovation process as a whole.

Color trends 2022

Black walls with wood

At the moment you see black coming back everywhere, especially combined with wood. You can choose to make a pattern with wooden slats on your wall. By the way, we did this in the living room, only with different colors. But you also now see a lot of black walls with thin slats of warm-stained wood close together, also called the slatted wall.

I have also seen this trend behind the headboard of the bed and then partly continuous on the ceiling, really really beautiful. TikTok is completely full of this trend! Coincidentally, we have now also made a black wall in a room, which has a beautiful self-built wooden desk that will soon have floating shelves above it. I can’t wait for that to be finished!

White is no longer in fashion, go for off-white to brown shades

In addition to black and anthracite, we are going completely more towards off-white, sand, beige, and brown tones. Minimalistic colors are yet presented in a very warm and rich way. Completely “Eric Kuster” style. Many rich, luxurious fabrics with prints in the fabric such as the crocodile print, the animal hair print, and a lot of velvet. Everything is in “masculine” shades.

New furniture with a natural element

Also in terms of furniture, we are keeping it mainly neutral this year. You mainly see U-shaped sofas with lots of cushions, sleek cabinets, round tables instead of long dining tables. You also see many natural elements, such as wood with herringbone, marble coffee tables. A lot of warmth is created by, for example, rugs in a high pile and in fake rabbit fur. I have to say that many of the trends in 2022 are inspired by these designs, and I LOVE IT!

Lamps are a hot item again

Currently, the focus is back on lamps. From Rattan lampshades to round foot legs in chrome with sleek lampshades. These are also possible in the same velvet, Croco, and animal hair print fabrics as you see a lot on the sofas at the moment. You see a lot of steel hanging lamps again, but you also see a lot of heavy large bulb lamps such as the pendant lamps above the dining table. Next to the bed, you see many night lights on the wall as real statement pieces.

Retro prints are making a comeback

The retro prints are back, on wallpaper but also painted on the wall with paint shapes. In addition, you see a lot of furniture that is given a second life through the cycle and thus gets an extra “touch” with wallpaper by, for example, sticking it in the drawers or against the back wall of the furniture. Or extra bold by placing it on the door.


Floors make your home, for example, a herringbone floor really adds a touch to your interior. PVC floors are really hyped at the moment, you have them in herringbone, a concrete look, and much more. The advantage of a PVC floor is that if a glass of drink falls over, you do not have to run immediately to ensure that no water gets between your floor. We also want to opt for this in due course as soon as we are ready for a new floor.

The decoration is really an important thing in your home. Where one person likes little decoration, the other loves it. Ceramic vases in all kinds of (round) shapes or candles that have been bent by putting them in hot water for fifteen minutes and then twisting them, for example. Art, in abstract forms. Spackle art on canvas with paint in black, white or brown tones with gold leaf craft sheets or posters in many frames hung together in a certain pattern.

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You mainly see a lot of gold, from vases that have been sprayed to art and sculptures. Plants are really a part of the houses, from whole Jungle houses to a single plant. And don’t forget the dried flowers and pampas grass branches!

Because we are at home a lot at the moment and very little can really go anywhere, people find their home extra important. People want to feel happy at home, really have their own place where they can withdraw from all the Corona madness, and where they feel safe.

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