3 Rare Silver Coins To Add To Your Collection


Numismatics and coin investors are always searching for rare silver coins. Collectors are often drawn to these coinage selections due to their visual appeal and rarity compared to copper and nickel coins. Additionally, they are more cost-effective than rare gold coins, making them highly desirable options to add to one’s portfolio.

There are seven denominations of rare silver U.S. coins, three of which are dollars. The quarter, half, and dollar are unique, giving collectors many reasons to consider adding them to their collections. Of the available silver dollars, certain ones are the most intriguing. Pre-64 era coins include scarce silver dollars and, therefore, are highly desirable among coin collectors and investors.

The Morgan silver dollar, for instance, is the most widely collected coin. Other desirable silver dollars include the Peace silver dollar and the Barber silver dollar. These coins are highly valued and are, therefore, hot commodities for numismatics. For more about these rare silver dollars, continue reading below.

The Morgan Silver Dollar: rare silver dollars

This silver dollar is named after the engraving designer George T. Morgan. This coin was the first official silver dollar established by the U.S. Mint; it maintains a high value since it is the original design. In 1878, the coin emerged on the scene until production ceased in 1904. Since 2021, the program has started back up. The aesthetics and collectability of these rare silver dollars make them incredibly marketable.

The Value Of The Peace Dollar

The peace silver dollar design was created by Anthony de Francisci, whose design was won by the numismatic Farran Zerbe in an art competition. Out of the group considered, he was the least experienced artist, yet he won anyway. Some collectors purchase the Peace dollar for this sentiment alone.

The Peace silver dollar is now considered one of the rare silver dollars after millions of these coins were destroyed in support of WWII. As a result, Peace dollars are even more valuable today. The 2021 Silver Peace Dollar MS70 is also included in the list of sought-after Peace dollars by precious metal investors.

The Desirability Of The Barber Silver Dollar

Charles Barber engraved the Barber Silver dollar coin. This silver dollar comes in various sizing options. The coin’s face value is .25 cents and contains a resale that can surpass $39,000. With ideal numismatic conditions, even the smallest of the series can maintain a high value, making it desirable among investors and collectors.

Determining The Value Of A Silver Dollar

Collectability And Metal Contents

At face value, the silver dollar is worth a dollar. However, its components are worth more when numismatic variables of quality are considered in relation to its precious metal contents. The values assigned to rare silver dollars are based on how collectible they are and the amount and quality of the silver metal they contain.

Semi-numismatic Coins, Scarcity, And Year Issued/Minted

While not all rare silver dollars are equally valued, they are all semi-numismatic coins. This distinction implies that they are specific rare coins of strong interest to collectors and investors. Additionally, the design’s scarcity, the year it was issued or minted, and other factors that add to the coin’s rarity can influence and increase its total value.

Recalls, Engraving Methods, And Increased Rarity

Silver dollars (mainly those pre-64 coins) are scarce due to recalls made by the federal government to supplement the country’s silver shortages that emerged from war and other influential events that rendered these outcomes. The hand engraving of each die adds to the value of these rare silver dollars traced back from 1795 to 1803.

Public Figures On Obverse

As time went on, the designs on the obverse of silver dollar coins changed, often depicting persons of authority or interpretations of Our Lady Liberty. Presidents and other public figures have also appeared on the obverse of these rare silver dollars. History lovers may seek out silver dollars for these sentiments.

Choosing The Coin With Your Interests In Mind

You can’t go wrong with Morgan, Peace, or Barber silver dollars. Any of these three options allow you to add rare, highly desired collector’s coins to your portfolio. The correct choice is the one with your financial and sentimental interests in mind.

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