Professional Landscaping Ideas and Inspiration When Designing Larger Gardens


When designing and planning for a larger garden, it is important to designate specific areas and to avoid having one large mass of grass as this invariably conveys the impression that the lawn and surrounding trees and borders have not been cared for properly.

Here are some professional landscaping ideas and inspiration when designing a larger, more spacious garden.

Include Areas of Privacy

Naturally, relaxing and taking the time to be calm, peaceful, and reflective is nearly impossible in the presence of chatty neighbors or the sounds of screaming children from the garden next door, regardless of the size of your garden, and therefore privacy is essential.

To combat this, install an area of complete and utter privacy within your garden, which can be achieved by an affordable fence cornering off a small area of your garden or, more ostentatiously, by investing in a pergola covered with beautifully fragranced blooms.

Use Reliable and Professional Equipment and Tools

The plethora of various different landscape gardening equipment and tools your business goes through means that the continuous replacement has an overall negative impact on the environment as a whole. Instead of cutting corners and buying cheaper equipment that will undoubtedly need replacing in under a year, instead invest in high-quality and long-lasting landscape gardening equipment from a professional and reputable supplier such as

Keep Boundaries and Structures As Clean As Possible

It is impossible to truly and entirely relax in your garden, especially a larger garden, without noticing a particularly dirty slab or a moss-covered fence panel, and logically, therefore, before you can boast about your outdoor oasis of calm to your loved ones, you must first ensure your structures and paving areas clean and weed-free as possible.

The most effective way to ensure your patio and other garden structures areas clean and tidy as possible is to invest in industry-standard, professional cleaning equipment, be it hiring the correct kit for a larger space or investing in the equipment yourself.

Strive for Shaded and Sun-Filled Areas

There are a plethora of benefits to creating some shaded areas in the garden.

The easiest and most effective way is to plant a traditional, large shade tree such as a poplar, oak, or maple, but shade can also be beautifully created by the installation of a pergola or, on a grander scale, a roofed pavilion or greenhouse. Ensure you use professional and top-quality landscaping materials and choose plants that enjoy copious amounts of shade to blend the shaded area seamlessly into the rest of the garden.

When considering plants and flowers for a larger garden space, bushes and larger shrubs are the ideal choices as they grow to cover a substantial area and thus create a more intimate and private feeling. Texture and height are also two fundamentally important elements when designing a larger garden, and care must be taken to ensure the visual aesthetic is one of depth and dimension.

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