Preparing Your Garden For A Pond


There are plenty of great reasons to install a pond in your garden. They are peaceful, they often require little maintenance, and they attract wildlife to your home. It’s not as simple as starting to dig in a random corner of your outdoor space, though. To make sure you end up with a beautiful pond, here’s how to first prepare your garden.

Buy the Right Equipment

Buying the right supplies is a crucial step to preparing for a pond, as low-quality equipment could end up ruining it! When searching for quality equipment, look out for fishpond filters, a pond liner, a water pump, and pond décor.

Contact the Planning Authority

There is no point in planning your pond if you don’t get permission first. The chances are you will be granted it, but it’s always better to check. Otherwise, you might end up with disgruntled neighbors or a letter through your door. Contact your local planning authority before building your pond to ensure your plans don’t go to waste.

Consider the Risks

Preparing for a pond isn’t just about figuring out where to put it, you must also consider if your household is the right one for water outside. If you have young children or pets, the pond may pose a risk to them. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t install a pond, but you will have to think about safety measures such as a surrounding fence or a mesh cover.

Choose the Best Location

One of the most important steps is choosing the right location in your garden. There are a couple of factors to keep in mind when deciding, such as where you can see the pond from, how big the space is, and how deep you can dig. It’s usually better to keep the pond reasonably close to your home so that you can see it from your windows. After all, you want to make the most of it.

Consider the Shape

Once you know where your pond will live, you should consider what the best shape is. Some people prefer a more manicured look with a square, whereas others like a more natural curved appearance. Whatever shape you choose, make sure it fits into the space you’ve chosen.

Check for Burrowing Wildlife

Once you have the equipment, permission, and you know where you want to build, you must check for burrowing wildlife. There might be rabbits or moles making their home under your garden without your knowledge. You don’t want to ruin anyone’s habitat, so check for any sort of wildlife that might live where you plan on installing the pond. If there is any burrowing wildlife, look into the safest ways to move them.

Start Building Your Pond

Finally, you can actually start building your pond. Don’t worry – it’s not too difficult to do, and you can always seek the help of professionals if you need help digging or putting in the pond liner. As long as you have high-quality equipment and a great spot, you will end up with a beautiful pond that’ll breathe more life into your garden.

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