3 Popular Weekend Activities for Family Fun


If you have a family, you will know that weekends can be fun, often chaotic times that seem to last a matter of hours rather than days. Taking the kids to see their friends or organizing sleepovers can often prove to be highly entertaining for them but some weekends are free of such activities.

On a quiet weekend or one where there is a lack of other tasks to undertake it can sometimes be difficult to plan in some interesting activities. Boredom with children can spoil a weekend, so it is important to plan in a range of enjoyable pastimes that offer fun, relaxation or excitement for all the family. This article describes three different family activities that can keep everyone occupied and enjoying their free time together.

Have a family gaming night

If you have older children or teenagers in your family, they are sure to love the idea of a gaming night. There are a wide range of family-friendly games on the market such as the sims or planet zoo to name just a few. Older teens may like to play diablo, working together to get the best d2r necro builds that they can. Alternatively, if you want to inject a competitive element into the proceedings and have a family that love football, then why not consider playing the latest FIFA title and seeing which of your family has the skills to win a local tournament? Gaming is great for excitement and improving the reactions and hand to eye co-ordination of both you and your children.

One key piece of equipment you will need is a gaming PC that can play the latest titles in high resolution and without any framerate issues. The Lenovo Intel Gaming PC range makes a perfect choice as it offers a wide range of PCs for a variety of budgets that will ensure your family gaming time is fun and exciting.

Go ten pin bowling

If you are in the mood for a few hours of fun family competition than a trip to your local bowling alley can make for a superb family day out. Modern bowling alleys cater for all ages and have smaller, lighter balls that can be bowled by younger children as well as special bowling lane bumpers that make gutter balls a thing of the past for younger or inexperienced players. In addition, most good-quality bowling alleys tend to have on site restaurants serving a range of family friendly meals which can serve to add to the occasion.

Visit a science museum

When some children hear the phrase “science museum” they may groan and imagine stuffy rooms filled with boring exhibits. Thankfully, modern science museums are designed with the focus of hands on learning and interactive displays which truly make science fun. Today there are a wealth of superb quality science museums located in many countries all around the world.

One prime example is the Natural History Museum in London which is considered by many to be one of the most inspiring and well created museums on the planet. Here you can see the skeletons of actual dinosaurs and a huge blue whale whilst learning fascinating facts about the world of science and nature. See here for more inspiration on some of the world’s best science museums.

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