4 Perfect Pets for Single Pet Parents


Living alone can make you feel isolated. Pets have a positive impact on mental health. But a pet can be an added responsibility. The kind of pet you get needs to be well thought out. Here are a few animals that can be wonderful companions for single pet parents.


Pros- A hamster is a perfect animal to keep in an apartment. They do not need much space and company. Unlike Guinea pigs, hamsters do not need the company of other hamsters. While they do enjoy their solitude, they are intelligent enough for you to train and interact with.

Cons- Some pet parents may not enjoy the company of a hamster since they tend to bite. Hamsters let loose can chew through cords and furniture in the house when they are bored. Hamsters also can get very noisy at night. Cleaning up their cages can be a time taking chore.


Pros- Snakes are not noisy, and they do not require the company of other animals. Depending on the kind of snake you get, they may not get too big. You do not have to be a hands-on pet parent with your snake. Snakes need to be fed at long intervals, so you do not have to worry much about their food.

Cons- You might have to handle live or dead animals when feeding your snake. The companionship that your snake can provide you with is very limited. You need to spend a lot of money behind setting up your snake’s enclosure. If your snake does not get sufficient heat, then their health might degenerate rapidly. Since snakes cannot be trained, they might end up biting you. While your snake bite may not kill you, if you have a non-venomous snake, it will hurt, and if left untreated it can become infected.


Pros- Just like snakes, turtles require very little attention. You do not have to worry about your turtle injuring you unless you have kept a snapping turtle. Turtles can live for a long time, so you do not have to deal with the grief of losing your pet soon.

Cons- Turtles are not great at providing companionship. You have to spend a lot of money providing them with the right diet and enclosure.


Pros- Cats are affectionate companion animals, and a specific breed like the tabby cat as a pet can bring immense joy. You need to provide your cat with food, water, and cat medicine and preventives to keep them healthy and happy. Cats enjoy companionship but in small doses. With a cat in the house, you will not feel lonely at any point in time. Litter boxes make it easy for you to clean up after your cat.

Cons- Cat medicine is difficult to administer to cats. Apart from cat medicine, you need to vaccinate your cat on a regular basis. You need to feed your cat many times a day. You cannot leave your cat alone for long period of times.

There are many other animals that you may want to keep as your pet. Before you do get a pet to be sure of how well prepared you are to care for the animal that you are bringing home.

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