Top 7 Pests Invading Baton Rouge


Warm temperatures attract a variety of things—birds, tropical storms, people, and yes, pests—hence why southern states are full of all of the above. Specifically, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana are known to have the worst big infestations out of the country.

Baton Rouge, as the capital of Louisiana, has a lot to offer. It’s the home to Louisiana State University and features beautiful parks and wildlife areas for exploring. The city is conducive to locals’ and tourists’ activities, providing an exciting locale without being touristy.

But Baton Rouge is an area of Louisiana that suffers from a few particular pesky pests. If you’re a resident of the beautiful city, it’s important for you to know what you’re up against.


Mice and rats are a big problem for the city. When they make their way into homes, their goal is to set up a hidden nest. They will chew on anything to acquire dwelling materials. That includes important documents, artwork, and family heirlooms. Once damaged, these items likely can’t be replaced.

Mice and rats will also chew on the insulation around wires or build their nests in electrical appliances. The damage increases the risk of a fire starting in your home. Rodents also bring diseases and bacteria that can be harmful to you and your pets. Any food they dig into is contaminated and spread illness.

The best way to make sure that rodents don’t take up residence in your home is to keep the place clean. Rodents tend to be attracted to garbage, so keeping your home clean makes it less inviting. Additionally, keep pet food in airtight containers to avoid enticing creatures with available treats.


Ants are another common pest group. These tiny creatures can bite, and if someone in your home is allergic, the bites can be dangerous. Ants can also cause damage to your home, eating at wooden structures and weakening building integrity.

As with rodents, keeping your home clean is one of the best ways to make sure that ants stay outside where they belong. Making your yard more welcoming to ants is another strategy to keep these pests away, as they will want to stay outside.


Spiders are an essential part of nearly every ecosystem. However, they are not pleasant to have in your house. They can be frightening, and some are poisonous. So, if you see a spider in your yard, leave them alone.

To keep them out of your house, make sure any wall cracks or door holes are sealed. Use caulk to seal up spaces, check that all your window screens are whole, and install reliable weather stripping. Keeping your house clean so that bugs don’t come also helps since spiders require prey to survive.


Gophers are a type of rodent but differ from mice or rats as gophers do their damage outside. They can cause severe damage to your lawn due to tunneling and because they eat the roots of trees and plants. Look for their crescent-shaped mounds in your lawn.

You can deter gophers from making your yard their home by using castor oil or other deterrents on your lawn and by eliminating their food source. However, if you find you have an infestation already, you should look for professional gopher control in Baton Rouge. Professionals know the best ways to get rid of these pests once they invade.


Fleas are common in most parts of the country. They can be a considerable inconvenience as they are extremely difficult to eliminate. They cause massive discomfort to pets and families. They are also a tiny insect that can be food for larger pests.

If they do end up in your home, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them. Using a powerful vacuum will help pull fleas from your carpet, upholstery, and mattress. Use a steam cleaner to clean your carpets. Wash all of your bedding. Fleas end up in most fabrics, so make sure to wash all fabrics in your home thoroughly.


Wasps are a particularly unpleasant pest. Their stings are painful and often repeated since they don’t lose their probe after stinging.

You can prevent wasps from taking up residence in your space by staying active. Wasps like to build their nests in areas where they won’t be disturbed. You can also use scent deterrents. If they build a nest on your home, the best way to get rid of them is to call in a professional exterminator, so you don’t get stung.

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Cockroaches are relatively large, reddish-brown in color, and fly. Generally, they are attracted to filthy areas. They also tend to carry microorganisms that can cause diseases.

The best way to prevent roaches is to keep your home clean. If you do have roaches in your home, using store-bought traps and baits is the first step. More severe cases may require professional fumigation.

Pest Free Living

The first step to preventing any pest infestation is to keep your home clean and tidy. Make sure your lawn is well maintained. Lastly, don’t wait until the problem is unmanageable before calling pest control companies in your area of Baton Rouge. The best way to avoid a pest invasion is through prevention care.

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