5 Tips for a Perfect Kids’ Bathroom


Unlike standard adult bathrooms, a bathroom made for children needs to be carefully designed with safety being the number one priority. It also needs to be flexible enough to grow with them. The last thing you want to do is constantly renovate your bathroom to catch up with your kids.

There are numerous ways you can make your bathroom more accessible for children. While you’re at it, it’s also worth putting some time into making it look great as well. This will help motivate your kids to look at the bathroom as a positive place and enjoy menial activities such as washing and brushing their teeth more.

Covering the Floor

Unlike us adults, your kids have no problem with drenching the floor in soapy water each time they turn the tap on. This is not only frustrating to clean up, but can also pose a risk as a slippage hazard. A good rule of thumb would be to ensure there is at least one non-slip mat near the sink, bath and toilet.

Dealing With More Than One Child

If you have a single bathroom for more than one child, it can be a headache ensuring that each kid is happy with their setup. Giving everyone their own separate space for their belongings goes a long way in ensuring they’re satisfied. A simple set of baskets is a great budget option that doesn’t look out of place in a bathroom.

Adequate Heating

Children aren’t as hardy as their parents when it comes to cold mornings. Installing a heating system will go a long way in ensuring they’re safe and happy during harsh winter mornings and evenings. Head over to warmrooms.co.uk for a wide variety of bathroom heating technology. After all, the bathroom is the coldest room in the house. Making your kids loathe it for that reason isn’t going to be doing you any favours.

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The Issue of Height

Most bathroom instalments are naturally suited towards adult height individuals and will therefore be unsuitable for kids. Luckily there are simple and cost effective ways to solve these issues. Start by lowering storage units or simply having standing baskets/tables.

For sinks, a simple plastic step or ladder will do the trick without emptying your wallet. Ensure they can see in the mirror as well by lowering them. If you have a shower, installing an adjustable head will ensure that everyone can set it to their desired height.

Sharp Edges

Depending on the finish you’ve opted for, chances are some nasty edges can be found here and there, especially with tiling. Cover them in some rubber or smooth them out to soften the blow come the day your child inevitably slips and falls. If you haven’t started building the bathroom yet, be sure to specify soft, rounded edges for items such as baths and faucets.

Add a few child-friendly finishing touches such as colourful towels, playful toothbrushes and plenty of bath toys and your kids will thank you for it. The more your kids enjoy their time in the bathroom, the less difficult it will be getting them there.


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