Pandemic Travel Tips: 3 Reasons Why a Private Plane Can Help You to Avoid Covid-19


Private jets have always been considered the way to avoid crowds, and now they are also the way to avoid Covid-19, which thrives on crowds. Companies such as Jettly are making even safer what already is considered a safer flying experience, by following the government guidance in different countries to help keep passengers safe.

In this article, we shall consider just why it is that private jet travel is safer than taking a commercial flight in a pandemic, as we come up with the reasons for using a private plane in preference to other methods of travel.

Separate Terminals

The fact that private jets are boarded from terminals separate to the main airport means that passengers are not coming into contact with crowds of people waiting to board an aircraft, just those that they have booked the jet for. This will significantly reduce the transmission of Covid because you will know who you are with and what their status is in terms of injections and tests. Of course, there may still be people around, such as maintenance staff making sure that the plane is topped up with things likeĀ 5606 hydraulic fluid that it needs to run, but there won’t be nearly as many as there would be around a commercial plane.

Those in the public eye will feel safer away from the main airport. Being bothered by fans can be annoying at the best of times but when they could spread Covid it is an unnecessary interaction that will want to be avoided. Self-conscious celebrities may also prefer for fans not to see them in masks, whether they are of the designer kind or not. Those flying in a pandemic will have enough to think about without worrying about security. This is improved no end with private jet flight. Security, of course, now includes protecting ourselves from Covid and the potential harm it could cause us and those close to us.

On the Plane

Then, while on the plane, it is the same situation as when we are waiting at the terminal. You are only in the company of those that you booked the plane for. These will be people that you know rather than strangers. You will know how responsible they are going to be when it comes to wearing masks and using hand gel. You will feel a greater responsibility towards each other because you know everyone.

Social distancing is easier because, with private jets, you will not be travelling with strangers from all over the world, where infection rates may be higher than those in your country. Your small group is likely to be from the same country and so not expose you to that element of risk. Someone does not have to look ill to pass Covid on asymptomatically. That is the danger that we all face. Private jet travel helps combat and relieve that kind of fear.

Staff Contact

On a private jet, you will encounter less staff than during a commercial flight. It will be a small team that knows all about how to keep everyone safe. The plane will have been disinfected and everyone will be wearing masks for your protection. It will be recommended that you minimize hand luggage to prevent any spread of infection and that most of your luggage is, instead, put into the aircraft hold.

To know that you are safer flying by private jet in a pandemic is just a case of thinking about all the people you will meet before, during, and after your flight. This will include fellow passengers and potentially anyone connected with the airport. You will not want to wait around for your plane in an airport lounge surrounded by lots of potential Covid carriers.

Then, on the plane, you will want to be around fewer people, as a private jet is known for, rather than be breathing the air of lots of passengers, and the numbers that would typically fill a large commercial jet. Also, when flying by private jet you will only be in contact with a small team of staff that will serve your needs, rather than staff who are serving and meeting lots of different passengers from all parts of the world.

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