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Would you like to become self-employed as a nail designer? Your chances are good: Cosmetics, care, and beauty are important needs for many people and therefore far more than pure luxury. With a creative business idea, you can stand out from the competition, and be the pearl among the oysters, so to speak.

In this article, you will find tips and checklists for starting a business, on how to do this and you will find out what you need to consider when opening a nail salon: requirements, costs, business plan, and more.

Best Prerequisites for Opening a Nail Salon

Become self-employed in a nail design? Sounds tempting, because more and more people want to invest in their beauty. Starting a business requires different personal and professional requirements. We will tell you below what these are. In addition, before opening, you should meet the formal requirements, observe hygiene regulations, take out insurance and draw up a business plan.

What personal skills should you bring with you for your dream?

If you work as a nail designer yourself in your nail salon, creativity is an important requirement. Ultimately, your customers’ nails are also the figurehead and possibly even a unique selling point of your work. Do you have a good eye for colors, and shapes and great attention to detail? In addition to dexterity, steady hands, and good eyesight, are important skills that you should have in this job.

In addition, precise work is essential, not only when painting and decorating your customers’ nails, but also when cleaning the work surfaces. Accuracy plays a fundamental role here because poor hygiene can have serious consequences in this profession.

As a nail designer, you work precisely and creatively to make your customers happy.

Do you love working with people? Do you pay attention to small details, individual support, and a feel-good atmosphere? In this way, you fulfill another important requirement: customer orientation. Ultimately, it’s not just about doing a good job but taking the time for your customers and their individual needs. If your customers go home with a beaming smiles, you have done your job perfectly.

In addition to creativity, accuracy, and customer orientation, it is also important to be patient. You will probably need to invest a lot of time and money in your business in the beginning before you can reap the rewards of your creative labor. However, don’t let that discourage you.

Technical requirements for opening your nail salon

You ask yourself who can open a nail salon? In principle, anyone who wants to become self-employed can open a nail salon. Technical requirements are not necessary and you do not need any training – at least in theory. A better question is how sensible it is to open a nail salon without training.

Of course, you can also be successful as a career changer without training if you have the necessary experience. Nevertheless, training is essential in order to acquire specialist knowledge and skills. After all, your future customers expect professional treatment and advice. In addition, a training certificate for your nail studio serves as a quality feature and can ensure that customers choose your studio. In other words: an apprenticeship is an important basis for winning and then keeping customers.

On the way to your own nail studio, it is advisable to complete an apprenticeship: for example as a beautician or hairdresser.

There is no uniform training in the field of nail design. Many who become self-employed as nail designers therefore first complete an apprenticeship as a hairdresser or beautician and then attend further training and courses. Due to the lack of a training regulation, the training courses differ greatly in terms of content depth and quality.

Additionally, to streamline your nail salon operations and enhance customer experience, consider investing in modern nail studio management software.

So how can you prove your expertise to your customers? You have the option of taking the exam at your local Chamber of crafts. This represents a reliable quality feature. The test is divided into a practical and a theoretical part, which includes the following topics, among others:

  • Anatomy
  • Dermatology
  • Hygiene
  • Terminology
  • Material science
  • Industrial applications
  • Business knowledge

After passing the exam, you will receive the title: Certified Nail Designer (HWK)/Certified Nail Designer (HWK).

What formal requirements should you meet to open a nail salon?

You now know which personal and professional requirements you should meet. In addition, you need one thing above all for setting up your own business: lots of documents. Unfortunately, the work is not done with a form. The good news is: In the following table we summarize the most important formal requirements to make it easier for you to get started.

Hygiene regulations and standards in the nail salon

Hygiene in the nail studio is a matter of course. It primarily serves to protect against pathogens and infections. Especially in the nail salon, even small amounts of blood on nail files or pliers are enough to transmit diseases.

In addition, a nail salon must comply with legal hygiene regulations, which are subject to federal laws such as the Infection Protection Act as well as regulations and provisions at the state level. Monitoring is the responsibility of the responsible health authorities, who often carry out unannounced checks.

As a nail salon owner, you have to establish good hygiene management – ​​not an easy task.

For good hygiene management, it is important to proceed in a planned manner. Therefore, as a first step, create a hygiene plan in which you record processes and standards. These hygiene measures result in a routine that you firmly integrate into your processes.

In the following checklist, you will find important hygiene measures for the nail studio. Please note, however, that this is just a selection:

  • Do not wear arm or hand jewelry.
  • Wear work clothes.
  • Use special hand disinfectants for your hands and disinfect your hands before and after each treatment.
  • Clean and disinfect work surfaces with a surface disinfectant after each treatment.
  • If necessary, disinfect and sterilize all instruments used with instrument disinfectant and replace disposable material such as files.
  • Before treatment, clean the skin areas to be treated with soap and water and then disinfect the skin.
  • Obtain new items such as paper towels for each customer.
  • Clean countertops, sinks, floors, and toilets daily.
  • Only use certified disinfectants.

The right insurance

In order to become self-employed in nail design, you need the right insurance coverage. By law, you are liable if you injure a customer or employee or damage their property. For this reason, business liability insurance is essential for your company. Other recommended insurance policies are contents insurance to protect your facility from fire, burglary and other damage, and commercial legal protection insurance to cover costs arising from legal disputes.

In the private sector, health insurance must of course be taken out. It is also advisable to take out disability insurance in order to be covered in the event of an occupational disability.

Create a business plan for your nail salon

If all the important requirements are met, you can start planning. A business plan is the heart of your business start-up. In it you describe, among other things, your business idea. It also contains a detailed financial plan. The essential components of your business plan are:

The purpose of a business plan is to convince investors of your project. Because starting a nail salon requires a lot of capital, which you probably cannot handle on your own. The business plan for your nail salon is about planning accurately and realistically. It is important, to be honest, and calculate with a cautious sales development in your financial plan. With your business plan and the financial plan it contains, you can keep track of your equity, expenses, and loans.

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