Must-Have Whirlpool Appliances for a Family Home


It’s no secret that family life can be chaotic at the best of times. From getting the kids off to school to cleaning up after meals, it can be a lot to handle. However, having the right Whirlpool appliances can make all the difference to your daily routines.

Not only is Whirlpool a well-known household name, but you can often find parts for Whirlpool appliances online, making it much easier to deal with any issues that crop up. After all, no family wants to be replacing their appliances on a regular basis when they can easily be fixed. If you’ve been thinking about updating your household to make running everything much smoother, this blog has some of the best appliances you could choose.


Washing dishes by hand can take a lot of time, especially if you have a big family. The last thing you want to do after cooking and labouring over the stove is to stand by the sink for another fifteen to twenty minutes. This is how a Whirlpool dishwasher could make all the difference. Instead of having to manually wash plates and cutlery, you can just give them a quick rinse and load them all into your dishwasher. As long as the dishwasher is full before you switch it on, you’ll be making good use of the energy it uses.


You probably already have a washing machine at home, but have you thought about investing in a Whirlpool dryer too? Instead of hanging out school uniforms on the line or indoors on a clothes horse, you’ll be able to have them ready in no time with a dryer.

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This is really helpful on those days when you either forgot to do laundry or your kids got dirtier than expected. Every parent knows the struggle when their child comes home from school covered in mud! A dryer won’t be something you use every day, but it will make all the difference when you need it.


While you might not be a fan of microwave meals, a Whirlpool microwave can help you to heat up nutritious leftovers for your kids in record time. This can actually save you money too, as you’ll be more likely to meal prep in advance and waste less food. If you have a young baby, a microwave is especially useful for heating up baby food.

Extra freezer

If you’re really serious about meal prepping food, an extra freezer could help you to batch cook dinners for weeks in advance. This would really help you get more balance in your life, especially if you work irregular shifts. An extra Whirlpool freezer is also great for people who often have their extended family over for dinner, as you’ll be able to store a lot more food without worrying about it going bad.

Not every family will need the same appliances, so it’s important to think carefully about which of the Whirlpool range will best suit your household and lifestyle.


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