Most Popular Hair dying Trends for Women


Depending on how you dye your hair, you can create a variety of moods. In this article, we are going to find out about the types of hair dyes for women. Dyeing is the best way for women to transform their hairstyles. Let’s dye your hair this weekend by referring to the color that suits you. Also, you get the hair dying ideas that how hair dying can reflect upon yourself.

Brown Hair Dye

It is the most basic and easy brown dyeing. If it’s your first time dyeing, it’s best to start with brown. That doesn’t mean that brown dyeing is boring. It’s not too blush, but it’s a hair dye that suits any hairstyle. It is a good color as a starting point for dyeing, but there are various types of browns in brown color. Let’s look at it in more detail below.

Dark Brown Hair Dye

Most Popular Hair dying ideas for Women Dark brown

It is a dark brown color that is close to black. When viewed with the naked eye, it may appear as a general black, but it has a lot of brown color feeling under light or certain conditions. And dark brown dyeing is a good woman’s hair dye color for people who had a light tone because of the dark color.

Khaki Brown


It is a khaki-brown color that has a khaki and brown feel at the same time. You can choose a color depending on what color you feel more like. This color is recommended when you don’t want to have a calming feeling due to the brown tone down. If you want to give calm and uniqueness, this is the recommended hair dye for women.

Orange Brown


This is the recommended color if you want to give a bright feeling while dyeing your hair. The orange feel is not too strong, so it doesn’t splash too much and gives a lot of freshness. If you want a youthful feeling and want to change your style, this is the recommended dyeing.

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Ash Hair Dye

This is the popular ash color series of women’s hair dyes these days. Various hair dyes in the ash series are on the rise, and the popularity of female celebrities is increasing with a lot of ash series colors. Depending on what color you mix depending on the hair base, you can feel a lot different. The characteristic of the ash series is that in places where the light is strong, the feeling of ash is strong, and in places where the light is weak, the feeling of bass is more than that of the ash. Let’s take a look at the various ash heat dyes.

Ash Gray Hair Dye


It is the most popular ash gray color in the ash series. It has a dreamy feeling and is the recommended color if you want to show a bright image. It has a gray tone, and the color is more beautiful when viewed in sunlight. It is suitable for various hairstyles, so if you want to change your image, this is a recommended female hair dye.

Ash Blue Hair Dye


It is a color that gives a lot of blue feeling to the ash-gray described above. Wouldn’t it be too unconventional to dye your hair in blue light? You can think of it, but it’s not as bouncing as you thought and it’s pretty. If you want to dye your hair blue, let’s start with an ash blue-gray color. It is not a color similar to others, so it can give a unique feeling.

Ash Pink Hair Dye


It is an ash pink that gives a feminine and lovely feeling. It has the effect of brightening the skin tone and making it even more even. If you want to have a pink hair color but feel burdened, we recommend the ash pink series. If you are looking for a fresh and lovely color, this is the recommended female hair dye.

Ash Brown Hair Dye


It is an ash brown color based on the most popular brown. If you want to be in the ash field but want to wear a popular and easy-to-use style, this is the recommended female hair dye. This is a dyeing style that is recommended for office workers who are burdened with too bouncing hair.

Ash Purple Hair Dye


It is an ash purple color that gives a subtle and mysterious feeling. This is the recommended color if you want to exude a bouncing charm. It’s a style that suits spring, so it’s a recommended style if you want to change it in spring.


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