Most Expensive Cheese In the World. Top 10 List

Expensive Cheese

For most people, it is one of the must-haves on the breakfast table, but a cheese platter can also create enthusiasm in a cozy round with friends. With an estimated annual per capita consumption of around 25 kg, cheese is one of the most popular foods of all. The best-known varieties include Gouda, Emmentaler, and Co. Its one of the expensive cheese in the market.

Even if there are significant price differences for these varieties, these commercially available varieties are usually not among the most expensive. If you want to try special and unusual variants, you should definitely choose one of the top 10 most expensive kinds of cheese in the world. We introduce you to the ten most expensive kinds of cheese in the world. Also the most Expensive Cheese.

What is Expensive Cheese?

One could wonder why a slice or brick of cheese is so damn expensive. Now we are all familiar with the fact that we are offered artificial cheese in our local stores. But with the knowledge available all over the internet people have started to come on the organic and natural side of the food. Restaurants are serving the expensive cheese in the most luxurious way possible. Hence they charge the big buck for the expensive cheese. Because it tastes unique and lasting.

Here is the Expensive Cheese List 

10) Cacio Bufala, Italy

Most Expensive Cheese - Cacio Bufala, Italy - Expensive Cheese List 

The semi-hard Cacio Bufala is, as its name suggests, made from buffalo milk. The high-fat content of the milk makes the semi-hard cheese particularly mild and gives it a creamy consistency. With 60 euros for a kilogram of cheese, he secured 10th place on our top 10 list.

9) Epoisses by Germain, France

Most Expensive Cheese - Epoisses by Germain, France - Expensive Cheese List 

People who are sensitive to smells should exercise caution with this type of cheese. The Epoisses is made from cow’s milk under the highest quality standards. After a ripening period of about a month, the cheese gets its spicy note. Brandy is added to the cheese during its production, which ensures that it gives off its typical alcoholic smell. The elaborate production and the high quality of its ingredients ensure a price per kilo of around 63 euros.

8) Jersey Blue, Switzerland

Most expensive cheese, Jersey Blue, Switzerland

The Jersey Blue owes its name to the cows whose milk is used for its production. Their milk, which is particularly rich in fat and protein, ensures that the cheese is particularly creamy. The blue cheese, which is mainly produced in Switzerland today, has won several awards and has won numerous prizes. The price of 65 euros for one kilogram is justified by its quality and unique taste.

7) Caciocavallo Podolico, Italy

Most Expensive Cheese Caciocavallo Podolico, Italy

The Caciocavallo is a pear-shaped cheese from southern Italy. The cow’s milk cheese has a very creamy, mild taste. The specialty here lies in the basic ingredient for the cheese. The necessary cow’s milk comes from the Podolica cattle. There are only 25,000 of the rare cattle left. In addition, the cattle can only be milked from May to June each year. The milk is therefore particularly valuable, which also explains the price of 70 euros per kilo for the cheese.

6) Old Ford Goat Cheese, England

Most Expensive Cheese , Old Ford Goat Cheese, England

In England, a former archaeologist had painstakingly produced the goat’s milk hard cheese Old Ford since the 1970s. The goats for the cheese are mixed and not limited to a single breed. The finely tart semi-hard cheese is slightly crumbly and takes eight months to mature. Squeezing out by hand takes time and effort and is the reason for the price of around 80 euros per kilo of cheese.

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5) Bitto Storico, Italy

Most expensive Cheese Bitto Storico, Italy

Italy has some culinary specialties to offer. So it’s not surprising that fifth place on our top 10 list goes to another Italian cheese. The Bitto storico is a hard cheese from Lombardy in northern Italy. In terms of taste, the cow’s milk cheese with a goat’s milk content of up to 20% is rather spicy and strong. However, the high price of 245 euros per kilo justifies its maturity. This is at least 10 years.

4) Wyke Farms Cheddar, England

Expensive Cheese, Wyke Farms Cheddar, England

The unusually high price of 300 euros per kilo for cheddar is due to its extravagant composition with Wyke Farms Cheddar. In the town of the same name, Wyke Champflower in Somerset, England, various traditional Cheddar cheeses are refined with additives such as gold leaf, truffles or selected spices. The particularly luxurious accessories ensure both popularity and the enormous price calculation.

3) Moose cheese, Sweden

Expensive Cheese Moose cheese, Sweden

Most people should not necessarily be aware that there is such a thing as elk cheese. Two Swedish sisters came up with the idea of ​​making cheese from the milk of their elk cows on their home elk farm. These are milked from May to September. The milk obtained can be used to make around 300 kilos of elk cheese a year. Gourmets can taste the extremely rare cheese for as much as 500 euros per kilo. Which makes it an expensive cheese. The variations range from blue cheese to feta.

2) White Stilton Gold, England

Expensive cheese, White Stilton Gold, England

Known for the nearby town, English Stilton cheese has been a popular and coveted type of cheese for several decades. As the “king of British cheeses”, it is only allowed to be produced by selected dairies located in a small area. Only cows from Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire are allowed to supply the milk for this expensive cheese production. The specialty of the White Stilton Gold can already be recognized by its name. The creamy cheese is infused with real gold and therefore carries a proud price of around 700 euros per kilogram.

Most Expensive Cheese

1) Pule, Serbia

Expensive Cheese, Pule, Serbia

The world’s most expensive cheese and probably the rarest cheese in the world is produced in Serbia. A number of special features make it an exquisite taste experience. This expensive cheese is made from milk from Balkan islands. The endangered animals live in a reserve. Around 300 mares give milk that is rich in protein and vitamins, but low in fat, which is milked by hand. Its production and its rarity make it particularly sought-after and also particularly high-priced. 1000 euros are paid per kilogram of cheese.

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