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Once you are married, you are loaded with lots of responsibilities. Motherhood, family and budget is to be taken side by side. Motherhood is the most wonderful thing of a woman’s life. But your expenses shoot up once you have babies. Then, you have to budget everything and the more wisely you take everything along, the more savings you can do. Don’t sacrifice your joy or yourself to save money but spend wisely so that you save a good amount for the future.

Following are the tips that mothers should keep in mind to enjoy the fruit of motherhood without causing too much burdens on the pocket:


Always make a budget plan at the beginning of the month. Calculate and assign a budget to every expected upcoming expense. Estimate how much you can save and then match your estimation with you actual achievement of saving at the end of the month. It will give you motivation and a good start for the next month.

While on the subject of budgeting, you can always check for your local Craiglist. And avail craigslist free stuff.

Most of the supermarkets and department stores out there also offer sales, coupons, and other ways to secure discounts so do be sure to keep an eye out for any promotions. Above all, coupons can usually save you at least a small amount of money and no matter how small that amount is, it can all add up to savings eventually! For instance, if you are a frequent customer at Kohl’s, you can find all the latest Kohl’s coupons on the Raise website.

Prefer Homemade Food for Kids

Preference for homemade food instead of ready-made food can be a great option to save money. A baby till 2 years can be fed on mother milk along with the other healthy food. Mother feed provides immunity and you can save the cost of bottles, cups, etc. Formula milk, ready-made food, etc. can be extremely costly with low health benefits. Homemade food is always safe, hygienic, healthy, and cost-saving. Once a baby is self-feeding, do not waste money on disposable utensils. For example, pick up a baby self feeding spoon that can be washed and used many times over.

Use Less Diapers

Diapers cannot be completely excluded but its usage can be reduced. Diapers are very expensive and take a good amount from your total monthly budget. Let your baby skin touch the fresh air by removing the diaper and putting him in pajamas as that’s very important for the health of baby. It will minimize the diaper rashes because chemicals on the diaper will not harm the baby much. Potty-training your baby, as soon as he reaches the age of 1.5 years old is very important. It will also save the cost of pampers.

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Use Oils Instead of Nappy Creams

Avoid using too much nappy creams on baby’s delicate skin. No matter how mild the nappy cream is, it has chemicals that are not good for your baby skin. These are also very costly and you can safe a good amount if you use oil like coconut or olive oil. These oils will make a barrier between the skin and the diaper chemicals.

Avoid Wipes

Avoid using baby wipes in daily routine. It is costly and it causes rashes too. Instead, wash the nappy area with fresh tap water. Not only the chemicals of diaper will wash off, also no bacteria will get chance to grow and cause rashes on baby skin. Fresh water eliminates all the chemicals and keeps your baby healthy. Saves a good amount by kicking out wipes.

Don’t Rush for your Child’s Schooling:

Some parents are always in a hurry to send their child to the school. Sending children at the age of 2.5-3 years old is very unfair with the child. Mothers these days are quite educated, they can teach their kids at home until they are 4 years old. You can save the amount of school for one whole year by putting little effort on your own child.

Patenting is expensive and you need to spend very wisely after kids. Cut down the useless expenses and safe for their good future. Invest money on them is useless if you don’t invest on their personality, good behavior and character building. It will make a bright and successful person in the future.

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