Make Perfect Birthday Invites Using These 8 Amazing Themes


Throw yourself a birthday bash because you matter. It’s a splendid way to mark the wonderful 365 days spent since your last birthday. And it offers an opportunity for you to catch up with old friends.

So what do you do to have that perfect birthday celebration?

For starters, you need some birthday invites. Birthday invites act as an appetizer to the scrumptious main dish that is your fabulous birthday party. So you want to do your birthday justice by spending time on invites as you would on the event planning efforts.

Luckily, you don’t need a lot of time if you’re using PosterMyWall to design your birthday invitation. Here’s how you can create a great looking birthday invite with PosterMyWall in no time:

  • Pick a template that fits your birthday theme from PosterMyWall’s free birthday invitation templates.
  • Modify the design as per your choice by changing its color, font style, etc.
  • Add in the details e.g. name, venue, time, and date for the event.
  • Once you’ve finalized your design, just click download and send them out!

If you haven’t decided your birthday party’s theme yet, here are some of our recommendations:

Minimalist Style

Keep it simple yet catchy! Pick a minimalistic theme and communicate your main idea without being too showy. This will help keep your guests focused on the information without any distraction.

Floral Designs

Floral-styled invites are one of the best at grasping their recipient’s attention. It gives a delicate touch to your design. Moreover, the colors and flower patterns appeal highly to the eyes. You can choose from PosterMyWall’s floral designs for your invites.

Vibrant Colorful

Why pick a dull theme when you can communicate the same idea colorfully? Who says you have to be light-toned with your invites? Choose vibrant color themes to reflect the liveliness of your event.

Chalkboard Designs

Chalkboard Designs

A Chalkboard theme makes great look invites. They give a rough and casual look to your invite and make your freehand design look unique and authentic.

Glitter it up

Dazzle up your invitations using glittery templates. The sparkle sets the precedent of a great event ahead because if they are so good looking. Then, how great will the event be?

Gold and Black Combo

Present your event as the most elegant one of the century by using the black gold themed invites. People would want to be a part of such a refined gathering.

Video invitation

Video evites are a great way to lure your guests into showing up no matter what. They feel extra special when they receive a dynamic invite and can’t wait for the following event. These invites are great at giving a glimpse of what is to come. You can use PosterMyWall’s video templates for your video invitations and get invited.

Cartoon and Animations

Cartoon-themed birthday invites are just the best for kids. Children go crazy over such invitations and attending the birthday then becomes mandatory.

Ready to invite people?

Just download the designs for free from PostermyWall, send out exciting invitations, and party. Directly upload the invitation to social media platforms e.g. Facebook, and Instagram, via PosterMyWall’s publishing tools and create an event page to invite people. The invites can also be shared on chat platforms e.g. Whatsapp makes it easier to send out invites.

If you want to print out the invites and float them around then you can get the high quality download for $2.99, and have them printed.

So create mesmerizing designs, invite and have a great birthday bash.

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