How to Maintain an Emotional Bond with Team Members Even When Working From Home


As the period of restraint from going out is prolonged due to the strict “social distance” practice, even the sociable person may somehow become entangled in the feeling of being isolated from a sense of silence and lack of work. Even if you don’t go to work, you can quickly concentrate on your work if you feel the solidarity of being connected with teammates who check the direction and goals of your work.

In this article, we will introduce some of the ways you can build solidarity with your team members, even when working from home.

Don’t Rely on Email and Chat

For conversations that do not end even if you send or receive more than 2 to 3 emails, it is effective to talk over a video call or phone. As you get used to non-face-to-face communication such as text or chat, video calls or phone calls may become uncomfortable in some cases, but efficiency comes first at work. Not only that, but business conversations lead to personal recent events, small talk, which helps to bond with colleagues.

Communication is Quality Over Quantity

It is important to strive to keep the conversations between team members seamless. However, there is no need to be obsessed with breaking the conversation. If you are busy with work, you may want to inform your team members that it is a’focused time’, and instead set a coffee break time for a day or a week via an online (video) call.

When making an online (video) call, you do not make a sudden call, but check the other party’s situation and contact you. Having a light conversation time with each other for a short time will not only allow you to exchange information casually, but also refresh your mood, which will have a good effect on your business hours afterwards. With the feeling of closing the week on Friday, making an online call with the whole team is a great way to build solidarity.

Participate Actively in Team Meetings

If you participate in the usual online meeting by muting (mute), first unmute it. They actively share their thoughts and actively make suggestions and participate in discussions about their field of expertise. It is recommended to turn on the web camera so that you can see each other’s facial expressions to convey the nuances of conversation and improve the overall quality.

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Adapt to Changes in the Environment

There are many long-term telecommuters who say that their homes are so quiet that they can’t concentrate and feel down. It varies from person to person, but there are many people who say that a certain amount of noise helps to concentrate, so rather than trying to adapt to the home environment unconditionally, such as playing quiet music focused on BGM, it is also a way to change the home environment to suit work efficiency.

Before changing the environment to’work mode’, it is the first thing to change myself. Rather than starting work with your laptop on as it is in your pajamas, it is recommended to take a simple shower to clear your mind and change into a comfortable clothes for going out to work. Changes in consciousness ultimately change the way you work and work in a positive way. Changing your mood on your own will change your consciousness, which will increase your focus, efficiency and productivity.

Communicate Actively with Team Members

When working from home is prolonged, I miss the lively daily life of the office, such as having a light conversation while making coffee in the morning and having a snack. Team members and managers may also feel the same feelings of emptiness, isolation and loneliness. I try to communicate with my team members more actively than usual, such as creating an in-house social media group, requesting a coffee break meeting, and having a happy hour on Friday. Each of these small actions can inspire fellowship and help build a sense of work and bonds.

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