Kristi Noem Net Worth: First Female Governor of South Dakota

    Kristi Noem Net Worth

    Kristi Noem is a South Dakota politician and businesswoman who is currently serving as the state’s governor. She was elected governor of South Dakota in 2018, making her the state’s first female governor. Prior to becoming governor, Noem served in the United States House of Representatives as the state’s at-large representative from 2011 to 2019. In this article, we will explore Kristi Noem Net Worth and her political ride as a South Dakota Governor.

    Kristi Noem Early Life 

    Kristi Noem was born in Watertown, South Dakota, on November 30, 1971. She was the oldest of three children raised on a farm near Castlewood, South Dakota. Ron and Corinne Arnold, her parents, were farmers and ranchers.

    Noem received her bachelor’s degree in political science from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. She returned to her family’s farm and ranching a business after college, where she worked for several years.

    Kristi Noem Family

    Kristi Noem married Bryon Noem in 1997, and the couple had three children, Kassidy, Kennedy, and Booker.  They are still living on their family ranch in rural South Dakota.

    Kristi Noem Husband Occupation

    Bryon worked on the family farm and as a basketball coach before becoming an insurance agent at the Bryant State Bank. Later, he acquired the bank’s insurance division and turned it into Noem Insurance.


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    In 1992, Bryon and Governor Noem got hitched in Watertown, South Dakota. Bryon has spent his entire career working for small companies, and he currently runs a crop insurance company close to their Castlewood home.

    Kristi Noem Apearence

    Hair Black
    Eyes Dark Brown
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White

    Kristi Noem Height 

    Height 5 ft 7 in
    Weight 58 kg

    Kristi Noem Measurements 

    Breast/Bust size 31 in / 81 cm
    Waist size 24 in / 61 cm
    Hips size 35 in / 90 cm
    Bra size 36B (US) / 80B (EU)
    Cup size B (US)

    Kristi Noem Work Out 


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    Kristi Noem Career

    Noem is a Republican Party member known for her conservative stances on issues such as abortion, gun rights, and immigration. She has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and has been a vocal critic of many of President Joe Biden’s policies.

    Noem has received both praise and criticism for her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic during her tenure as governor.

    Kristi Noem First Female Governer

    Kristi Noem made history in 2018 when she was elected as South Dakota’s first female governor. She ran as a Republican candidate and received 51% of the vote.

    During her campaign, Noem emphasised issues such as strengthening the South Dakota economy, creating jobs, and lowering taxes. She also promised to support the state’s agriculture industry and to protect South Dakotans’ Second Amendment rights.

    As governor, Noem has remained focused on these issues while also becoming known for her conservative stances on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. She has also been an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump’s policies.

    Kristi Noem on Tiktok Ban

    Kristi Noem On Abortion 

    Many pro-life legislations have been enacted by Noem, who claimed that they will “clamp down on South Dakota’s abortion providers.” Furthermore, she added, “A substantial and expanding body of medical research shows that unborn children are capable of feeling, thinking, and hearing sounds in the womb. These are people, and they deserve the same fundamental respect as everyone else.

    Kristi Noem Net worth 2023

    Kristi Noem’s net worth is predicted to be around $4.5 million as of 2022. She may have earned the enormous sum by devoting more than two decades to her political career.


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