A Guide: Taking Your Kids on a Camping Experience


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If you think that your kids could benefit from getting a taste of the great outdoors, then you should take them on a camping trip. Being closer to nature, sitting around a camp fire, a night under canvas, the whole experience could do them a world of good. Importantly, it could provide them with some much-needed respite from their computer screens back home.

Camping with kids, as worthwhile an experience as it is, isn’t necessarily straightforward, though. Especially if they’ve never been on one before, such a trip could prove overwhelming for your children, and any number of things could go wrong. To avoid any such difficulties, make sure to take the advice laid out in the guide below.

Set up a washing station for hands and feet

Kids have a tendency to get mucky even at the best of times — image what they’d be like in a muddy campsite! For this reason, setting up a washing station for hands and feet is absolutely vital. Doing this will stop your children from walking dirt into your tent, and it will stop them from picking up food with messy hands.

Setting up a washing station is a simple task. All you’d need to do is bring a double jug that has a spout to control the flow of water — you’ll be able to find such a jug at your local store.

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Put sleeping arrangements into place

Bedtime shouldn’t be a free-for-all. It should be organized and it should be arranged to ensure that everybody remains comfortable and safe. So no matter how much your kids might protest to sleep with you or someone else, make sure they settle down in their own space and in their own sleeping bag. To help settle your kids, tell them kid-friendly camping stories

Do all you can to keep the kids entertained

Your kids may not take to camping as much as you hope they will. The fact that they don’t embrace the outdoors way of living or give the whole experience a real go might be disappointing, but, if it happens, there’s no use fighting it. Instead, you should accommodate for the situation as best as you can by doing all you can to keep your little ones entertained.

One way to do this is download Geocaching on your phone and to allow your kids free rein to go off and catch virtual monsters. This will get them active, it will get them exploring your campsite area, and it will stop boredom from creeping in. In this instance, it might be a good idea for you to protect your phone with a rugged case, such as those listed and compared on Outdoor Wilds. Such protection will see your all-important piece of tech remain safe even if your kids were to drop it on their adventures.

Taking your kids on a camping experience is definitely worthwhile, as it will get them out of their comfort zone and away from the world of technology back home. When you do decide to go camping with your children, however, just make sure to remember the above advice. Doing so will make everything far more comfortable and far less stressful.

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