3 Ways to keep your Home Warm and Cozy this Winter Season


With the long nights drawing in and temperatures getting colder, it seems that winter has well and truly arrived in the northern hemisphere! There are plenty of things to enjoy about this season, from thick knit jumpers to steaming mugs of hot cocoa, but what is less fun is shivering inside a chilly house. Luckily there are many steps we can take to help keep our homes warm and cozy over the winter period – many of which don’t cost much money at all. Here are some top tips for how to keep the heat in.

Deal with drafts

One of the first steps to take is to make sure you’re not letting the warm air escape or cold air creep in – otherwise, you’ll be spending more money on heating bills and not seeing the benefit. The key areas to check are doors and windows as well as wiring holes, as these are usually the most problematic areas.  

Once you’ve isolated your property’s drafty spots, take steps to seal or block them up. For example, you can cover windows in special plastic or use self-adhesive strips to seal gaps around the frames. When it comes to doors, a keyhole cover and letterbox flap can be inexpensive but effective solutions, as well as draft excluders that sit at the bottom of the door. Internal doors don’t usually need draft proofing unless they lead to a room that you don’t normally heat, in which case keep them closed and use a draft excluder.

Invest in insulation

Spending a bit of money upfront on insulation can save you more in the long run by making your home more energy-efficient. As an added bonus, it can also boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell, so it’s a real win-win option!

One of the biggest differences you can make is getting attic insulation. Why? Well, heat rises, and so the roof is one of the main places warmth is lost from a property. As such, loft insulation can not only keep you cozy, but it can also save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Wall insulation is another option to consider, and though often more expensive, it too can make a big impact 

Decorate with warmth in mind

Not all solutions have to be as big as getting insulation put in! There are also some little changes you can make that will have a noticeable impact on how cozy your home feels. For example, if you have wooden flooring, then a rug or two can help keep your room – and feet – warm. Similarly, make sure your sofa and other large items of furniture are not too close to the radiator, as this can block the heat from circulating in a room. Heavier curtains will help to keep the cold out and heat in, candles create a cozy vibe, and a throw or blanket for the couch will keep you nice and snug while watching TV!

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