How to Keep Your Devices Safe


Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, all of these things are used by the global population every day for both work and socializing. They are what keep people connected and help them to organize their daily routines. While taking a break from tech now and again is a good thing, the truth is that most people would struggle to cope without these devices if they were suddenly taken away from them or damaged. This is why it’s important to keep your devices safe, so you can continue to keep in touch with people and manage your lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help you keep your devices secure.

Invest in Cases and Screen Protectors

How many times have you dropped your phone? Accidentally sat on it? It’s fallen out of your bag or from the top of your desk? These things happen, but if it lands the wrong way, the results can be devastating. Smashed screens can make it impossible to use your phone, not to mention uncomfortable if you need to take a call. This is why it’s always worth investing in a phone case and a screen protector, so your phone has a better chance of surviving knocks and falls. It’s also worth getting laptop bags and tablet covers to keep these devices a bit safer, too.

Additionally, invest in cases with nonslip grips for your phone, especially if you’re clumsy or your phone is too big. For example, you can buy a customized iPhone case for your iPhone 12 Pro with an ergonomic design. You can add a strap or a cell phone ring holder to make gripping your device easier.

Get a Quality VPN

Having your devices damaged or stolen is one thing, but you also need to think about cyber-security. VPNs will allow you to make secure connections to your networks and increase your privacy when you’re using public Wi-fi connections. If you don’t want people hacking into your devices or looking at your data, getting a VPN is a must for both personal use and business. You can use this nordvpn coupon to get great deals on VPN plans.

Keep Your Devices Out of Sight

As mentioned above, having your devices stolen is another thing you need to protect yourself from. How many times have you absent-mindedly left your phone out on a table at work or when you’re sat in a café or bar? Even though you might think this is safe, a seasoned pick-pocket will know how to swipe your phone without you noticing. Keep your devices out of sight, and make sure they’re in a secure pocket in your jacket or your bag. If you’re leaving them in your car, keep them in the glove compartment or locked in the trunk.

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Tracking Apps

Some smartphones or devices already come with a tracking app installed that you simply need to switch on. However, if your device doesn’t have this already, it’s worth downloading one in case of an emergency. In the event your phone does get stolen or misplaced, you can use the app to find it.

Keep Away from Water

This might be an obvious point, but a lot of people like to take their phones to the pool when they’re on vacation to snap some shots of them having a great time, or use it in the kitchen to follow recipes, or to listen to music in the bath. While most of the time your phone might be safe, exposing it or any other devices to those damp, steamy environments could lead to water damage, so try to avoid that or keep it to a minimum.

If you want your devices to stay safe, use the tips above to make sure they last for longer.


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