Happiest Jobs for Working Moms


Being a working mom is a challenge of its own. You have to balance between performing at work, maintaining a steady progress in your career, taking good care of the family, and setting aside some time for personal purposes. Not all working moms can achieve this balance, but many are still very happy with their lives.

Some jobs simply make you happy, especially if you are a working mom. The rewarding nature of some jobs and the many challenges they present are often more than enough to turn the experience into a happy one. Naturally, there are jobs that are considered the happiest jobs for working moms. We are going to review some of them in this article.

1) Surgical Technician:

A career in healthcare is always a rewarding one to pursue. You get to help others and contribute to the communities around you. At the same time, healthcare jobs offer good financial rewards. Even the tight work schedules are seen as challenges worth overcoming.

In the case of surgical technicians, the happiness comes from assisting doctors in saving lives of others. As a surgical tech, your main role is to help prepare the operating room, the equipment for the surgery, and even assist in the surgery itself.

Pursuing a career as a surgical technician is relatively easy. You need to qualify for the job, of course, but top surgical tech schools in MA and other states are now offering programs that allow you to get certified in as little as 18 months.

2) Pharmacist:

Another healthcare-related job linked to happiness among working moms is a pharmacist. As a pharmacist, you too have the opportunity to help others in more ways than you can imagine. The main role of a pharmacist is to help patients get the medications they need.

You need formal education to pursue a career in this field. A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy followed by additional training will help prepare you for the challenges to come. Many pharmacists also learn about entrepreneurship in order to be able to turn their work into a business.

There are a lot of opportunities to grab in this field. Perhaps that is why working as a pharmacist is very rewarding. According to the latest survey by Forbes, working moms in this field are showing signs of immense happiness and high job satisfaction.

3) Administrator:

Admin jobs tend to be boring and not challenging at all, but a lot of working moms actually enjoy working as administrators in various fields and industries. In most cases, you don’t need a lot of formal education to become a good administrator. There is a clear career path to pursue too.

Every industry needs good administrators. Even healthcare service providers are now recruiting more managers and admins from outside the health service industry as they try to keep up with market growth. There are certainly a lot of opportunities if you love organizing things and documenting everything.

These three jobs, according to surveyed working moms, are the happiest jobs on the market right now. As surprising as they may be, these jobs are very rewarding and offer challenges that cannot be found elsewhere.

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  1. Like a mom I’m stuck with my children..I understand how this is difficult to search for a job of your dream even if you have a daffy child 🙂 So, now I’m free as I have adult “bobbleheads” 🙂 I think to start a new career and get an additional education. I was interested in pharmacist.. I guess I would love to help people as they need to heal and nurse themselves but, sometimes, this is soooo sorely and painfully and you may have some problem (( Thank for sharing your post! I’m really satisfied! 🙂


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