Items To Keep In Your Car Incase Of An Accident or Breakdown With Children


Having your car break down on a busy freeway while you have little kids in the car is one of the scariest nightmares that hopefully no one ever has to experience. No matter how old your car is, this could always be a possibility.

An unexpected flat tire, an engine malfunction, or even running out of gas are things that could happen to anyone. To help you be prepared and keep your family safe in the event of an emergency, here are some items to consider keeping in your car.

Car Jumper Cables

If your battery suddenly dies it is sometimes difficult to quickly find a person willing to stop and help you jump your car. What is even more difficult is not only to find a willing helper, but someone who also has their own jumper cables.

If your battery is prone to draining quickly for some reason, or you often travel long stretches of road where there are few cars and cities nearby, they make jumper cables that are even attached to a portable battery which could be a lifesaver!

Portable Battery to Charge Your Phone

If you may end up being stranded for a while, you will want your phone to be as charged as possible so that you will be able to call for help. In remote places it may be difficult to find service, which will drain your battery quickly. Since your car may not be able to charge your phone if it is broken down, always keep handy a portable phone charger. If you decide to get the jumper cables that attach to a portable battery, those have the capability to also charge your phone as well.

Emergency Essentials Bag

Experienced moms know that if your baby or toddler goes for some time without their favorite toy or snack for too long, that they become angry and upset, which is why mothers carry around a diaper bag. An emergency bag is a similar concept.

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If you have young children, you might want to consider a portable bottle warmer with a can of  formula and a water bottle, diapers, warm blankets and hats, and for older children, books, games, activities, and most importantly their favorite snacks and water bottles or juice boxes. If it is summertime, a battery operated fan would be nice too. This will help to keep the kids calm while you figure out where to get the help you need.

The Number To Your Towing And Recovery Company or Car Accident Lawyer

If your car breaks down and is not something that can easily be trouble-shooted by you or your ordinary passerby, chances are you might need a towing and recovery company to tow your car to the mechanic. If it was not a simple breakdown but a car collision, you may also want to find a car accident lawyer. If kids were involved in the accident, there is a good chance that you will have a case that a Loganville, GA car accident lawyer can help you with.

Car Care Essentials

If you are handy enough to not need a mechanic or tow truck to help you, keeping these car essentials with you could help you be on your way off the road much quicker. Sometimes in hot weather, your car might begin to overheat, especially if you are on a long road trip. Keeping a small bottle of coolant in your trunk, and waiting for your car to cool off could be a quick fix.

A small travel size bottle of engine oil is another item that could help on a long trip if your car burns oil quickly. Always having a car jack, a spare tire and a lug wrench are a must have in your car. Being able to put on a spare tire could save you the hassle and money of calling a tow truck, and will be able to get you to the closest mechanic.

Hopefully you never have to worry about becoming stranded or having your car break down with your children, but if you ever find yourself in this position, hopefully you can be prepared!

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