4 Inexpensive Gifts That Your Partner Will Be Sure to Love


Gifts don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be special. There are plenty of presents out there that barely cost a thing but would be sure to go down a treat should you give them to your partner for their birthday or another celebration.

To find four cheap gifts that the special someone in your life will be sure to love, read on.

1) A photo album

Photo albums are a great present to give if you’re a bit strapped for cash, as they’re cheap to source,but they are packed full of sentimentality too.

If you have a printer along with ink and toner cartridges readily available to you at your home, then you can keep the cost with regards to this present right down — you can print your own photos off, meaning you don’t even have to pay a professional developer for you. If you do decide to take this route with your gift giving, just know that photo albums are not quick to put together. You’re going to need to set some time aside with regards to this venture, especially if you want the end result to be as special as can be.

2) Breakfast in bed

You may not be the best cook in the world, but breakfast in bed is a gift that will mean the world to your partner. In this instance, all you have to do is buy the ingredients needed to whip up the dish that you wish to serve, so there really is no need for it to become an expensive venture. The rooms can be decorated as well as per your partner’s liking.

3) Love coupons

If you’ve no choice but to keep your purse strings tight, but you still want to get your partner a gift, then why not make them some love coupons? This idea might seem trite, but your partner having the power to, say, have a massage whenever they want will mean something to them. Whatever you do, just make sure you follow through on your promises — if a back massage coupon is redeemed, make sure you provide it!

4) Work survival kit

Your partner is only human, so he or she will hit rough patches at points during most of their working days — you can help them to get over the next hump that they meet at work by gifting them with a survival kit. This is a collection of different things that will lift their spirits and make their 9 to 5 easier to manage.

What you include in the work survival kit that you gift to your partner is up to you. If you find yourself stuck for inspiration in this instance, though, then you should consider including:

• Their favorite snacks
• Love notes
• Puzzles that entertain them
• Photographs of you and the family
• Novelty items or jokes

Gifts should not be measured by how much money they cost. They should be measured by how personal they are and how much sentimentality they hold. You need not worry, then, if you don’t have the money to spoil your partner, as any of the cheap gifts listed above will do just fine.

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