Importance of Father’s Love


Many surveys show that mothers are very important if you want to have a smart baby. It means that the child’s IQ is mainly inherited from the mother because the genes related to human intelligence are mainly concentrated on the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes, and males have only one. This seems to explain why I am not as smart as my father. My father wanted to achieve academic achievements that I could not achieve. Even the science he was good at became my score in the college entrance examination.

Of course, this kind of IQ inheritance is still controversial. For example, a survey of more than 2,000 families in the United States showed that this difference is minimal. But no matter what the result of the inheritance of the child, it is unanimously affirmed that the character is inherited from the father. Although the formation of personality has an innate element, it is mainly an acquired influence.

In other words, father’s influence and education on children are more far-reaching than mothers.

Since I was a child, I have been the closest relationship with my mother and talked about everything, but the relationship with my father was a bit awkward. Even if the father and son were at home, I would be so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to say to him. Although when I was young, I still remember my father throwing me up to make me giggle, I pestered my father to take me to fish in the river or take a bath…

But many of my father’s ideas have always influenced me to this day. One of them is the concept of progress.

My father taught me in a different way from my mother. My mother said it every day, while my father had an extremely formal, prudent, and earnest conversation once a week or two. I have a lot of conversations and a wide range of content. I have forgotten some of them, but I still remember some feelings. My father’s words will directly hit the mind and seem to be able to feel my soul or confusion. Sometimes I shed tears at the end of the conversation. This feeling of tears is very complicated. , There are mixed feelings of being understood, being asked, being blamed, being cared for… etc. inexplicable.

These conversations were very simple and not violent. My father seemed to have no requirements in his studies. He never said that he must study well, enter the top few, etc., but why I only remember the word “progress” he put forward, maybe During the conversation, he had already felt that he had decided to infiltrate this to me.

And this kind of penetration is successful. Until now, although many of my dreams have not been realized, I have always felt happy to have these two words on the journey of life.

The most boring life in life is boring. No matter what I do, when I feel bored, I think I can’t stop like this, or do nothing, find something new to do, learn something new, and feel fun. Isn’t this process just happiness? ? Including when I just graduated from college and started working, my father reminded me once that I must keep improving in my life and don’t stand still.

In modern society, many parents want to surpass other children from the starting line, including inborn inheritance and feel that this way, children can surpass others more easily. Because of this kind of thinking, cultures like Chinese families are “richer than three generations.” The fundamental reason is to ignore the influence and power of acquired education.

Innate factors are important, such as IQ, but they are not the decisive factor. Like many teachers and mothers complained, this kid is very smart, but he just doesn’t know how to study. Diligence can make up for one’s weakness. If this is the case, it is not as good as the hard-working and hard-working children, instead, they will be able to make great achievements and contributions. And such persistence and support comes from acquired cultivation.

In academics, I am not as smart as my father, but my life is not necessarily unfavorable, because my father’s “progress” concept has kept my life fulfilling and pursuing.

What is the most important part of the father’s influence on the child? It is the father’s power. This power will surpass IQ, appearance and physique, and be carried forward and passed on. In the Indian inspirational film “Wrestling Daddy”, which is popular in China, the daughter inherited the father’s wrestling physique, but it also allows us to see that the father’s influence is a guiding light in the long journey of children pursuing happiness and realizing their dreams. Always a great boost in life.

In this article, I wish all fathers who love children in the world, Happy Father’s Day!

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