Imagine You’re Pregnant


Imagine you’re Pregnant! “What? You are pregnant…wow! That’s the best news ever! “These are the best, most precious and most awaited moments for the couple. That’s what every couple dream of when they fall in love with each other and gets into a relationship.

Pregnancy is priceless but the most challenging part of a woman’s life. She may go through too many things in the period of 9 months. She is transformed into a new person after the delivery of baby but never bothered due to such a beautiful and noble cause.

Pregnancy symptoms may vary from woman to woman but if you are among those who think she is pregnant, you must observe the following symptoms:

Imagine you’re Pregnant and the symptoms you will see

1) Nausea:

In early pregnancy, a woman feel nauseous many times of the day which sometimes be followed by vomiting. Morning sickness is a common sign which is felt in the morning only while some women may feel nausea the entire day. This condition may start right away after conception or in the second month. The culprits of nausea and vomiting are HCG, progesterone, estrogen and sometimes the abnormal rise and fall of thyroid. This condition settles down in second trimester of pregnancy but sometimes it may continue the entire duration.

2) Dizziness and sleepiness:

It is also one of the symptom of conception. A girl may feel extremely dizzy at the start of pregnancy and sometimes sleeps more than usual. Lethargy, body soreness, sleepiness and dizziness are the fruits of early pregnancy which may remain the entire pregnancy.

3) Mood swings:

Moods swings is another major sign of pregnancy. Pregnancy is all about of a roller coaster of emotions. A sudden joy of conception or a sudden shock that “how am I going to get along with the new baby and the responsibilities” are the part of pregnancy mood swings. Feeling of excitement, feeling of depression, crying for no reason, mood irritation, fighting and bothering stupid things etc. are the sign that you are pregnant.

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4) Tenderness of breasts:

It is the first sign of pregnancy. Painful breast, soreness of nipples, breast tenderness are the results of conception. In later pregnancy, the color of breast may darken which settles back after delivery.

5) Cramping:

You may feel cramping more frequently and regularly once you conceive. It may not be taken as a confirmation sign as a woman may feel cramping due to hormonal changes or when the menstrual cycle is about to start but if these are not the two causes, then pregnancy definitely is the reason. Cramping, bloating and back pain are the various things felt in the start or in entire pregnancy.

6) Spotting:

Spotting in light pink or brown color may occur in to start of pregnancy. It’s an implantation bleeding that occurs when the egg is fertilized and attach itself on the line of uterine. This process is often confused with the pending period as it’s the earliest sign of pregnancy and a woman might not know that she has conceived. But that’s due to implantation and it stops right after first trimester.

7) Missed periods:

The most obvious sign of pregnancy is missing periods. The menstrual cycle follows a specific pattern and it may stop when a woman is pregnant as body gets busy in making a baby. But missing periods are not always due to pregnancy, it can be due to fluctuation of hormones, due to excess gain or loss of weight and much more.

Remember! Pregnancy can be confirmed with the aforementioned signs but it’s always better to get checked through ultrasound, strips or blood test. Consultation from a gynecologist is important so that you know the dos and don’ts. Start of pregnancy is the most sensitive time and extra care is required to be taken. Eat healthy, sleep well and count days for the arrival of the baby. Enjoy the blissful moments.

Happy Pregnancy 🙂

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