A Guide to Identifying Antique, Vintage and Retro Pieces


For many of us, the term “antique” means something very old, and while that would be correct, to officially be classed as an antique, an item must be at least a century old. So, a chest of drawers made in 1910 would, in fact, be an antique, although only just. Some pieces date back to the 15th and 16th centuries, and they still function as they were intended, and most enthusiasts tend to focus on one era, which might be Edwardian, or French Empire, and when thinking about vintage items, think 90 – 20 years ago, and you have vintage pieces.

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Online Antique Dealers

With respected online antique dealers, such as LoveAntiques, you can source exceptional examples of the best in the antique market, and they would have vintage and retro items of both furniture and jewellery, all at affordable prices. Viewing online offers you a golden opportunity to really see what is available, as the online dealers are all connected, which makes sourcing something very specific quite easy. So, if antiques really are your thing, and you want to see more of them to add to your collection, then looking online may be your best bet.

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Vintage Furniture

Some of the best furniture was made during the past 60 or 70 years, and all of that would fall into the vintage category. The roaring Forties, the Glamorous Fifties and the glitzy sixties are all vintage eras, and the online antique dealer is the person to talk to if you are looking for quality vintage furniture. Vintage furniture is built to last, unlike the flat pack industry, and some of the styles are simply stunning, making a great medium with a modern setting.

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The explosion of colour and shapes that the retro period brought, was a refreshing change from the drabness of the very early 20th century, and soon, the retro look spread across Europe and influenced just about everything, including appliances, jewellery, and of course, furniture. Retro livens a room up, and many people love the sheer opulence and striking colours that retro displays. If, for example, you are looking for some retro jewellery to complete that look, the online antique dealer is the person to contact. Once on their website, you can browse a fine selection, and should you see something that sets you on fire, a secure online payment is all it takes to see the item packaged and delivered to your door.

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Fortunately, there are online antique dealers who specialize in vintage and retro items, and with their expertise, you will soon have the ideal wardrobe or dresser for that new look. The online antique dealer has extensive connections with other dealers, which means they can quickly source an item, and rather than spending all your spare time looking for old shops, an online browse is all it takes.

The difference between an antique and vintage item might only be a few years, yet this can seriously affect the price, which is worth noting. Whatever your favourite era, talk to your local antique dealer, who can help you to view desirable items, and should you wish to make an acquisition, a secured online payment is all it takes.

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