How You Can Have a Nursing Career as a Mom


When you are a mom, there are many sides to you. There is the side that wants to be with your children as much as possible. However, there is also the side that wants to do something for yourself and others. You know that you want to be a nurse, and you know that nursing is a rewarding career that will give you the enjoyment and satisfaction that you want. But, do you know how you can juggle everything, and do you know how you can successfully get a balance in your life when you are working towards a career and being a mom at the same time?

Invest in Yourself

You are a fantastic asset both to your future employers and to your kids. As you are so brilliant, it is vital to invest in yourself. If you are not prepared to invest in yourself, then you will ultimately hold yourself back. When it comes to investing in yourself, there is more to investing than just the financial side of things. For example, there is the time element you must also consider.

If you are not giving yourself enough time to focus on what you want – then how can you expect to achieve success? Carving out time to invest in yourself can be one of the most difficult things you will have to do. However, with persistence and with consistency, you will be able to get the time you want and need to pursue your career.

Focus on Why You Want to be a Nurse

Things may be challenging, and they will be tiring when you are juggling a career alongside your responsibilities as a mom. To get through these difficult periods, you may want to focus on just why you want to be a nurse and what exactly nursing means to you. When you can dig deep and find what is motivating you, then this can be used as a mantra moving forwards. If you are not sure what is inspiring you (or even pushing you) to become a nurse, then you must establish this before moving on. If you are uncertain at any point, you may struggle to get the drive to power onwards and upwards.

Decide Where You Want to Work

Nursing can be varied in terms of what you do within your role and where you work. So, carefully think about where you want to work. For instance, do you see yourself working in a hospital, perhaps supporting those within palliative care? Or, would you prefer to work in your local community, perhaps assisting the elderly or even helping families stay as healthy and as well as possible? Do you want to work in a larger setting, or would you prefer to work in something smaller? The setting that you work in is important because it will affect how you feel and how much you contribute.

Appreciate You Cannot Do Everything

You can do a lot when you are a mom and you are pushing your career. However, there will be times when you cannot do everything, and you have to accept this. If you try to push yourself too much, then you can affect your mental health and wellbeing, and this would be detrimental to everyone around you. Accepting that you cannot do everything can be testing in itself, and this is something that will require work over time. However, when you realize that your time has to be split carefully, you will make the right decisions for yourself, your career, and your kids.

Build Support Networks

To ensure that you have a support system in place with your kids, and with your career, then it is essential to start building a support network. A support network will give you the support and guidance you need (when you most need it). For example, in your support network, you may have friends and family who may be on standby to help you with childcare – should your first option fall through. Or, you may have colleagues to support you when you are working through a difficult situation in your role or workplace. Support can help you build your confidence, and it can help you achieve so much more.

Focus on Your Education

As a nurse or a nurse in training, you have to realize how important education is. Without a solid educational background, you will struggle to land the role that you want – because there is always competition for great jobs. You need to focus on advancing your education at as many points as possible because this will help you get (and build) the career you want. You cannot enter the nursing profession without having the right education in place, so make sure that you start focusing on advancing and strengthening your education as soon as possible. If you leave things too late, you may find that you cannot enroll in the program that you want to, so don’t delay!

Study Online Conveniently

You know the importance of your education, but you are now questioning how you are going to fit in studying around your lifestyle. Fortunately, there are lots of nursing degrees and programs that you can study online – and these are the programs you will want to start looking at. When you can study conveniently online, you can study at a time and pace to suit you. You can work around your job, or you can work around your kids. Studying online gives you a great deal of convenience, and if you want to become a nurse without sacrificing too much in your life, then you need to study online.

Get Networking

When you kickstart your studies, you then need to start to focus on networking. Building professional networks can help you get the role you want, and they can help you overcome any challenges you may face. There are online and offline networking groups, and there may even be one local to you – so there is no excuse not to join one. Networking can feel daunting, to begin with, especially if this is quite new to you. However, do not be daunted at the prospect of nursing. Instead, look at what networking can do for you and for your career too. See the advantages on offer, and then you will see how useful the process is.

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Think About Flexible Working Schedules

One area of nursing that may be giving you cold feet at times is the working hours or schedules on offer. You may be worried about how you can balance your career, your kids, and your own mental health. Within nursing, there are lots of flexible schedules on offer, and once you have built up your experience and knowledge, you will find that three are part-time opportunities too.

The flexibility you can achieve through these flexible working schedules can allow you to achieve more, and it can allow you to get a healthy balance in your life. If you are working too much, it can take a toll on your kids, and their feelings and emotions. Similarly, if you are not working enough, you will struggle to build your experience and confidence. Striking a balance in your working hours is going to be crucial to your success.

Focus on Arranging Childcare

As you pursue and build a career, there will be times when you will need to utilize childcare. Arranging a couple of suitable options before you start working (ideally when you are studying) is going to be crucial. Your children need to know where they will be going, and they need to know who they will be with. They will need reassurance and time to adjust to this new setup – so make sure they have it. If you leave childcare until the last minute, you may have to make a compromise that you are not happy or content with -as a knock-on effect, and you may find that this may affect your mindset at work.

What Makes a Great Nurse

As you start your nursing career, you may question if you have what it takes to be a great nurse. No two nurses look the same or act the same, but they often share similar traits. For example, to be a great professional, you need to be empathetic to those you are working with and those you are caring for. It would be best if you also were an excellent communicator at all levels.

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Speaking to other colleagues and professionals one moment and then speaking to clients and patients the next can take some getting used to. As well as empathy and communication, you will also need to think about openness and reliability. Patients and colleagues need you to be reliable, and they need you to be open and professional at all times. If you are struggling with something, then be open with colleagues, and always ensure that reliability is something that others never have the opportunity to question.

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