How You Can Be Supportive of Your Young Athlete


We, as parents, try to support our children in different endeavors through their young lives. Sometimes we go blindly having never done certain activities that our kids find interest in, yet we find ourselves still trying to get involved as much as possible just to give them the loving support that they deserve and require to be successful.

We love our kids, but sometimes we don’t always know the best ways to support them in these endeavors. Here are 5 ways to support your young athlete: create a tribe of athlete parents, have a physical therapist on hand, research the sport to show your support, go to the games/performances, and encourage and uplift their practicing habits.

Create a Tribe of Athlete Parents

It is widely known that a lot of parents may avoid sports altogether because they are just too busy to get their kids to all their practices and games and/or performances. It would be unfortunate to take away an opportunity for our children based on our busy schedules. The best thing you can do in this situation is to create a tribe of similar parents where you can band together and make a schedule that may work for a handful of people to take some pressure off individual parents. That could include trading off with picking up and dropping kids off, etc.

Have a Physical Therapist on Hand

Before even getting your child started in a sport, be sure to reach out to a physical therapist to have your child evaluated. There could be potential issues with certain sports, and a physical therapist has ways to detect potential problems with certain techniques before those problems even occur. It is wise to get ahead of the problem in case there were to be any potential injuries depending on the type of sport or activity. Idaho Falls physical therapy is a good place to start.

Research the Sport to Show Your Support

A child is only going to be as successful as a parent allows him or her to be. Yes, you can physically escort them around to these activities, games, performances, and practices as much as you want, but until you show actual support and interest in your child’s events then it will only last a short amount of time and will most likely be short-lived. They will also lose interest. Show your support and interest and also be encouraging.

Go to the Games and or Performances

There are all sorts of levels of support when it comes to having our children participate in a sport of some sort. But be sure to show up to their games and performances as much as possible to give them all the encouragement they need. This also will set yourself up for a healthier home-life as an encouraging parent.

Encourage and Uplift their Practicing Habits

Yes, practicing certain things at home can become an annoyance at times. But be sure to show your kids your excitement and encourage them to practice to get better. Any type of sport your child participates in is only going to be better for them in the long run.

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