How To Tell If Your Property Is Pest-Infested?


The first step in sustaining a pest-free home is maintaining constant vigilance and recognizing the first signs of an infestation. To combat these pests, we’ll need to use cunning and deception. Pests are experts at camouflage, but there are still many signs that can indicate an infestation on your property.

Different times of the year bring new pests and new pest behaviours. Learn more about the symptoms of winter pests in the upcoming colder months. It’s easy to spot the tell-tale signs of a pest infestation, though; they’re present year-round.

Warning Signs Of A Pest Infestation 

These are few common signs of pest infestations in your property:


Pest infestations can easily be identified by the presence of pest droppings (or faeces). The droppings of rodents look like black beans and have a “stinky” odour, suggesting an infestation. The presence of cockroaches can be inferred from small, irregular black particles on the ground, especially in shadowed areas.

Termites could be present if you notice a build-up of tiny wood pellets on the floor or mud tubes on walls. You can tell precisely what type of pest problem you’re dealing with by looking at the droppings. It’s a sign that you need the help of an exterminator for Termite Control in Sydney, so don’t wait to get in touch with one.


Odours are another sign of an active infestation, along with droppings. Feces and urine from most pests, including rodents, possums, and birds, have a strong, musty odour that can be detected from a great distance. Although roaches have an odour that is similar to soy sauce, bedbugs have an odour that is sweet and musty.


If you hear any kind of scurrying, squeaking, gnawing, or scratching, it’s a sure sign that pests have made their way into your home. Most of these noises would originate from close quarters and dark places, like the insides of cabinets, the ceiling, or the attic, where insects and rodents like to take up residence. You should eliminate the clutter to prevent pests from making these areas their home.


Evidence of nestings, such as bits of paper, leaves, and small wood fragments or timber, can also indicate breeding activity.

Physical Damage

Signs of infestation include holes, chewed wiring, nibbled furniture, and scratched or torn food packaging. As soon as you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call in a phoenix pest control expert (or one in your local area) to conduct an inspection. This will help you to effectively address the problem before it escalates further.

Additional Signs of a Pest Infestation: 

Some other signs that you have a pest infestation include:

  • Mattresses with red stains (caused by bedbugs)
  • Skin that itches and is red, often caused by bugs or ticks
  • Dogs and cats with scratch marks all over their bodies and a penchant for scratching (fleas or ticks)
  • Discarded insect wings
  • Strange cracks in the walls and sagging floors made of wood have been spotted (termites)
  • Your room’s walls are lined with wooden passageways (termites)
  • Cobwebs

Birds Control entails more than just being vigilant. A professional pest control service can be called for assistance at the first sign of a pest problem, and they will provide practical and environmentally friendly services.

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