How to Take Care of Newly Born in Winter


When you have a baby in summer or spring, you wonder a little less about her well-being. But for a baby born in winter, we often fear that he will be cold, that he will catch a cold, we dare less go out, we do not know what clothes to dress him in … It is true that there are some precautions to take, but with the instructions for use, you will spend winter and the first very sweet moments with your little one from birth.

How to take proper care of your child in the Winter Season.

How to Dress up your baby in the Maternity Ward 

Right after childbirth, a baby needs to be warmed up. The body is not yet able to regulate its temperature on its own: this is particularly the reason why it is often very hot in maternity wards. Divide your belongings and that of your unborn child in a bag for the big day and a suitcase for the stay in the maternity ward.

Baby’s newborn outfit, consisting of a 100% cotton crossover bodysuit, thick velour pajamas, a cotton hat or in a thicker material if you wish, a warm cardigan and a pair of socks or small slippers in a material that warms little feet.

Also, bring a sleeping bag and a blanket. We remind you that it is not recommended to make your baby sleep with a blanket to avoid any risk of suffocation. It may be useful if you hold your baby skin-to-skin against you.

The necessary clothing for your post-childbirth stay in the maternity ward.

Do not hesitate to ask your referent contact on-site for advice to prepare your maternity suitcase: we can tell you precisely the number of outfits to plan, whether you need to bring diapers or not, etc … Also remember to bring clothing for your postpartum.

How To Dress up baby in Home? 

In winter, make way for warm and cozy outfits, even at home! Socks, velvet pajamas, woolen cardigan … Do not forget to cover the ends either: the head through which the heat escapes, also with a woolen cap, as well as his hands if necessary. Prefer natural materials that are breathable – cotton, pure wool – rather than synthetic. The idea is to layer the layers: this makes it possible to remove them if you think the baby is too hot.

In the first months, bet on a comfortable and loose outfit that does not hug the child at the level of the belly. Baby sleeps a lot in his first moments of life: you can easily put him in his pajamas for the day. The best advice for a new mother? Opt for crossed bodysuits and pajamas that close in front with press studs: it’s so much more practical!

The list of practical baby clothes:

  • A set of 7 bodysuits
  • A long jumpsuit lined in jersey
  • A sleeping bag with removable long sleeves
  • Thick and super comfortable pajamas
  • A knitted sweater

How do you know if Baby is Cold

Not sure if your baby is warm enough? Nothing could be simpler: touch his neck! If he’s hot, that’s fine, even if his hands are cold.

Be careful, however, not to overheat the parts: it should not be too hot either. If it is moist, it means lowering the thermostat or uncovering it a little. At the time of the change, you can take special care to touch the baby’s chest. If it seems too hot to you, it could be that the temperatures are a bit too high indoors or that your little one should remove a layer of clothes!

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The Ideal Temperature for Baby’s Room in Winter 

At night, the outside temperature drops and that of the body too: this worries you! Don’t worry: 19 ° C in his room is more than enough. It is then sufficient to put a sufficiently warm sleeping bag for it.

Avoid the crib near the radiator or a heating source.

How to Dress up baby for sleep

Here are some tips for dressing your little one at night at home:

  • Between 16 and 17 degrees: long-sleeved body + pajamas + socks + winter sleeping bag.
  • Between 18 and 19 degrees: long-sleeved body, pajamas, padded sleeping bag.
  • Between 20 and 21 degrees: short-sleeved body + sleepsuit + padded sleeping bag.

What Should you dress your baby when going out in cold weather? 

Who says stroll outdoors necessarily means a baby coat! And you inevitably wonder which one to offer to a very small newborn to guarantee him comfort and optimal temperature. We have the solution for you!

The pilot suit is an all-in-one that dresses the child completely.

  • Choose it with two zip openings on the front to make it easier to dress baby.
  • Once your baby is older, it will be possible, depending on the model, to remove the feet of the suit to allow him to walk.
  • Generally, mittens are integrated into the coat, to avoid cold hands.
  • A model made from water-repellent material is particularly valuable for cool and wet days. It is also very practical in the period when baby drools a lot: it is easier to clean!
  • A pilot’s jumpsuit with an integrated hood is practical to protect the head.

Invest in a warm, thick beanie to cover her head. Here again, be careful with its material: wool, acrylic, and fleece are known to keep you warm.

Also always provide a blanket to warm the baby. Finally, if it’s windy, you can take the rain cover out of your stroller or carrycot: this will insulate the baby from drafts. Ditto in case of rain or snow, of course!


The other good idea in winter is to carry baby. Wearing a sling is ideal: curled up against you, it will benefit from your body heat and will stay warm. A babywearing jacket is essential: there are some very beautiful and practical ones. Check regularly that his airways are clear and make sure to cover his head.

If you are more comfortable with the stroller, choose a warm blanket, a blanket -footmuff or a sleeping bag to cover your little one more.

Super mom’s tip: to keep babies warm and enjoyable, avoid the cooler hours.

The list of essential accessories for going out in winter:

  • A stroller
  • A sleeping bag
  • A pilot’s jumpsuit
  • A fleece footmuff

Tips to protect your child from Viruses

In winter, between the flu, gastroenteritis, and colds, viruses circulate … often very quickly! To protect the baby from these nasty diseases and to avoid bronchiolitis in particular, it is important to adopt basic hygiene procedures: wash your hands after going outside and before picking up your baby in your arms. And that goes for everyone!

During the visits that you will have, do not touch the baby until the hands are washed or disinfected! And if you have a cold or the flu, wearing a mask is strongly recommended (you will find it in pharmacies).

Also, take care of Your little one’s Skin

The skin of the little ones is sensitive, and more particularly to temperature changes. In winter, therefore, be vigilant:

  • Do not hang around in the bath too much: the water cools faster than you think!
  • Dry his skin well by patting it – not by rubbing it.
  • Make sure to dry each small fold.
  • Do not delay when it comes out of the water: wrap it in a bath cape to warm it up.
  • Use care products, suitable for his sensitive skin to moisturize it.

One thing is certain: thanks to this list of practical advice, you are ready for a beautiful winter with your baby!

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