How To Save Money During Pandemic


The corona pandemic dominates our everyday life. Not only social life is running on the back burner. Read here how you can save in a crisis-proof manner.

The current situation around Corona * demands a lot from all of us. “Compared to the previous year, the number of unemployed has increased by 519,000,” says the Federal Employment Agency. So it is not surprising that many people are currently looking to save. Because at such times, money is often tight

Nevertheless, it is possible to put one or the other euro aside. Some quick savings measures are still possible, especially at the turn of the year. Not only can you save well in everyday life, but there is also still something to be done in the long term. Our savings tips are also helpful regardless of the Corona crisis, in order to create a nest egg .

Shopping More Consciously in Times of Corona

Those who go shopping more consciously also buy less. It does not matter whether it is food, clothing or other purchases. The question: “Do I really need that?” Can save you from some bad purchases. In general, you should only get things that are necessary at the moment. When shopping for groceries, it is a good tip not to go to the supermarket on an empty stomach. A hungry stomach can tempt you to buy more groceries than you actually need.

Make New Out of Old

Sometimes it’s not that bad to replace the old things in the household yourself instead of buying something new. If you have the opportunity to repair a broken device yourself , you can save money here. If you don’t have this option, you can look around on various barter and second-hand goods portals and find something cheap here. Usually, used goods are still functional and affordable.

Cooking Instead of Buying

A hectic everyday life often tempts you to order food or quickly buy something at the bistro around the corner. Whether in the office or in the home office, in order to save money in the long term, it pays to have meals ready from your own refrigerator. Some dishes are also suitable for pre-cooking for the week.

Comply with the Notice Period – Especially in Times of Corona

Whether cell phone tariff, internet provider or electricity, it is often worthwhile to compare current contracts and new offers. Not only can comparison portals be used for this, but inquiries can also be made with the current provider. This may result in better conditions, entirely in the interests of customer loyalty.

Pay Attention to Account Management Fees

Some banks charge a high amount of account management costs. If you think you are paying too much, it is worth taking a look at other banks. Even if the amounts are small at first, they add up quickly and you can save quite a bit over the year.

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