How to Recognize a Friend’s Depression


People around us, such as friends and family, may also be suffering from depression, which is also called the 21st-century epidemic. So, knowing how to recognize your friend’s depression will be useful in many ways.

Do you know how to spot your friend’s depression? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a very common and common condition. In fact, more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from this disease, and it is the cause of many diseases.

Depression is so prevalent around the world that it is not at all strange that there are many people with depression around us. Depression is the second leading cause of death among young people, so it would be good to know the characteristics of depression. Not only are we protecting ourselves, but we are also protecting our friends and family.

Although there are effective ways to treat mood disorders like depression, they are often not addressed. And in many cases, depression is not properly diagnosed due to social prejudice, ambiguity in symptoms, and a lack of specialists.

And in many cases, people with depression don’t even know they have it or are unaware that it is a condition that requires treatment. Therefore, efforts should be made to ensure that everyone has knowledge about the signs and warning signs of depression.

Knowing the signs and warning signs of depression can help you better understand and help someone with depression. You will be able to patiently help without prejudice and without harming them. In some cases, additional care may be required, so you might want to consider employing in-home disability services near you. Services such as this provide a range of support packages to those with a disability, depending on their needs and the level of care they require.

What is Depression?

Before looking at how to recognize your friend’s depression, it’s important to understand that depression is not a single type. This means that there are several types. Depression referred to in this article refers to a major depressive disorder or major depressive episode.

In addition to major depressive disorder and major depressive episodes, there are also premenstrual depression and persistent depressive disorder.

How to Recognize a Friend’s Depression

The following are symptoms of people with depression: Depending on the person, symptoms may be severe or mild.

Over-Generalized and Ambiguous Memory

People with depression change their memories of past events. When recalling past events, they remember time and place in a specific way, or in an over-generalized way, vaguely.

This is usually seen when post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc. occurs and is a typical symptom of depression. People with depression tend to generalize and remember things distortedly.

The thought that only bad things happen to me

People with depression tend to blame themselves for the bad things that happen to them. And I think negative situations will last a lifetime.

Negative things keep happening, and I think that only bad things happen because of me. Putting all the bad things on yourself. And I worry that only bad things will happen in the future.

Because you think that good things happen only to other people, you think that the good thing that happens to you is only temporary. If there are people around you who think this way, you should be suspicious of depression. But keep in mind that people with autism spectrum disorder also tend to think this way.

Discomfort and Unsatisfactory Symptoms

Discomfort is also characteristic of people with depression. Discomfort is the opposite of happiness and includes feeling unpleasant or unpleasant.

In addition to depression, dysphoria is also a symptom that occurs when there are mental infertility disorders, physical abnormalities, and anxiety disorders. And discomfort is also a result of the disorder itself. Sadness or crying are specific forms of discomfort.

He is always gloomy, quiet, and sad. People with depression suffer from anhedonia and can’t enjoy anything. What was fun in the past is no longer fun.

If your friend doesn’t enjoy exercising, eating out, or drinking, you may be suffering from depression.

Because discomfort persists, it is also associated with fatigue. So depressed people are always tired. In sexual life, adventures, social life, etc., you feel emptiness instead of finding pleasure.

Physical Symptoms

People with depression experience physical as well as psychological symptoms. There may be organic causes, so it’s good to know the cause of the uncomfortable symptoms.

Physical symptoms appear, but no clear cause can be found. This is because physical symptoms appear for psychological reasons. Useful guides like the advice given on sites like Rolling Paper can help you to spot such symptoms in a friend. Hopefully, from here, professional medical help can be found for them to allow them to make a full recovery. If a friend or acquaintance experiences the following symptoms, pay attention to whether it is depression.

  • Headache
  • Sleep disorders
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Lose weight
  • Tachycardia

When you see these symptoms, you have to accept that something is wrong. If you experience these symptoms for no apparent reason, you should be suspicious of depression.

Hyperactivity and Communication

People with depression are at fault. Expressing too much dissatisfaction with money, work, friends, family, etc. Whatever it is, just keep complaining.

If this expression of dissatisfaction is not intended to attract attention, it may be due to depression.

Depressed people usually have friction. They don’t know their status, they just think they’re bad, weak, and passive. I think they just like to nag and express their dissatisfaction. But it is a very dangerous situation. This behavior is due to the following factors:

  • Protection and risk factors
  • Irrational thoughts
  • Negative factors
  • Emotional saturation
  • Sadness and loneliness

Hyperactivity includes feeling guilty about violating others by crying or with an uncertain attitude.

Behavior Deficit

Observe whether your friends, family, or acquaintances are having difficulties in your daily life. It can be a clue to whether you have depression.

It is difficult to detect whether a behavioral deficit exists. because it is not clearly visible. However, if you know the typical personality of a person suspected of having depression, you will immediately notice that something is wrong.

People with depression do not have a good social life and do not have a normal daily life. Difficulty doing housework, other activities, or work. So it’s always messy and untidy.

Mental movement is also slowed. Slowly and monotonously, say a few words. I don’t feel any pleasure or joy.

If someone is experiencing these symptoms, you should suspect that they are depressed. Sometimes being cold doesn’t mean you’re depressed. And not all of the symptoms mentioned above are common in people with depression.

But if you suspect that something is wrong with your close acquaintances, take a closer look at them and see if they are depressed.

A professional will diagnose depression, but knowing how to recognize a friend’s depression can help us get treatment sooner.

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