How to Neatly Secure a Mattress Cover


Everyone wants to keep their mattress covers neatly organized. If the mattress cover comes off or is not organized, the overall look and mattress can be dirty. Next, learn how to secure the cover to keep your mattress clean.

How to Neatly Secure a Mattress Cover

In this article, we are going to talk about how to fix the mattress cover neatly. Let’s find out how to sleep comfortably without worrying about the bed being disturbed.

Not an exaggeration, but every morning I wake up to see the corner of the bed is messed up. There are various reasons why the mattress cover comes off, but it could be that you did not choose the right size cover or that the mattress cover company lacks experience.

Mattress covers have changed in various ways over a long period of time according to the times and cultures. Therefore, a neat bed arrangement is not a new trend.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and flinched to see a mattress with its covers removed? Even getting ready to go to work is busy, but having to arrange mattress covers every morning at an angle only adds to the stress.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Cover

Before you learn how to secure your mattress cover so it doesn’t come off, let’s learn how to choose the right mattress cover. Believe it or not, choosing a mattress cover is also a great way to keep your bedroom tidy.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a mattress cover is the material. The materials commonly found in the market are as follows.

  • Linen: Breathable linen is great for warmer areas, but it wrinkles easily.
  • Pima cotton: It is soft and shiny, and the price is reasonable compared to Egyptian cotton. Cotton has the advantage of being usable for a long time.
  • Egyptian Cotton: High-quality fiber, expensive but durable.
  • Silk: Soft, shiny and durable, but wrinkles easily if not properly secured.
  • Synthetic fiber: The product must contain 50% or less synthetic fiber in the total composition. It is economical and durable, but it is not soft to the touch.


Texture refers to how the fibers are woven. Bed-related items are mainly made of plain weave cotton, the most basic structure in which warp and weft threads alternately cross each other. Also, satin, a fabric in which warp and weft yarns are arranged at regular intervals so that many warps or weft yarns appear on the surface of the fabric, is also widely used. Fabrics with a honeycomb texture like flannel are also popular.

Yarn Density

Yarn density determines the softness of the fiber, and the higher the number per square inch, the softer the fiber is suitable for laying on a bed.

Mattress Cover Size

It’s important to know the exact dimensions of your mattress so you don’t have to choose the right size mattress cover to keep it moving.

The mattress and cover should be the same size, but the sheet mattress cover should be wider.

Let’s find out the size of the sheet-type mattress cover simply.

  • 89cm – 107cm Cover: 160cm wide
  • 150cm-160cm Cover: 244cm wide
  • 201 cm cover: 292 cm wide

How to Fix Mattress Cover

The types of mattress covers are as follows.

Use of rubber band for fixing the cover

There are various products that are convenient to fix, but you can try using a rubber band for fixing the cover.

First, put a rubber band on the mattress and put the cover on as usual. Lastly, if you insert the fixing pin, there is no need to worry about the cover coming off or moving.

Strap or rubber band mountable

It may have additional safety pins to secure it to the mattress with hooks and straps or elastic bands at the four corners of the cover.

Non-Slip Pad

The non-slip pad does not slide well even when laid on a mattress or sheet. The pad made of foam rubber is also easy to use.

Depending on how you organize your bed, the covers or sheets will not come off.

Safety pin or hook mounting type

Safety pin or hook-mounted covers can be useful in homes with children. A product that secures the four corners of the cover with safety pins to prevent puncture or injury to children can also be used to secure other bedding.

Zipper Type

The zippered mattress cover is simple and children can’t take it off and put it on at will. If you are not satisfied with the cover described above, try using a zipper-type or string-tight mattress cover.

Easy Mattress Cover Fixing

The methods of fixing the mattress cover are varied and uncomplicated. If you can invest the money and time, you can find a cover that is easy to use.

It is also possible to transform the product idea introduced earlier. Get creative and make your own custom mattress cover.

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