How to Motivate Your Spouse Who Doesn’t Want to Work


If your spouse is reluctant to work, it can cause family strife. It is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible to avoid conflicts like these.

How can we motivate a spouse who doesn’t want to work? If your spouse does not want to work, it is natural that it will negatively affect not only work but also family. The couple has to go through a difficult time. If one person does not work, problems arise not only in marriage but also in the financial part.

At worst, we can learn how to react to unhappiness. Therefore, it is important to focus on the most positive aspects even in difficult situations. Or because the problem is getting worse.

1) Be patient

It’s frustrating to see them staying at home all day and not making any effort to find a job.  Maybe he doesn’t want it either, but he doesn’t know how to do it. And in such a situation, if he stays still, his self-esteem will inevitably be lowered.

Give your spouse time to recover the energy to do things again. And look carefully at his reaction. It’s normal to feel bad or nervous. You may feel guilty for putting a burden on your family because you are not making any money. Be careful not to add more stress.

2) Determine the cause

Although it may seem difficult, in order to solve a problem, you have to talk about it. That way, you can find out exactly why you don’t want to work.

It can be difficult to find a job because of your age, experience, or ability. In this case, you can only become depressed. Or it could be that you don’t know what you want to do and don’t decide.

Or maybe you just want to be comfortable without working or spending something productive. The important thing is to know why your spouse doesn’t want to work. So you can help him.

3) Reshare the housework

Just because you don’t want to do anything is not the solution. It’s important to make him feel like he’s doing something productive and a part of the family by giving him extra chores. It doesn’t mean that you have to do all the housework, it means that you do it together.

You will get the feeling that he is doing something while doing the housework. And this helps ourselves too. This is because he can meet friends or work behind the scenes in the free time he has created by doing housework.

After some time like this, your spouse will probably try to find a job again. Or, meeting and interacting with people can help motivate you.

4) Giving courage

The best way to build someone’s self-esteem and give them courage is to compliment them or show affection. Don’t focus too much on finding a job, let’s help you find a job.

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Give us a chance to know that nothing is easy, but that nothing is impossible. Start small and tell them it’s best not to worry when you set small goals. It’s also a good idea to start working part-time or on a contract basis, or to work in another field. It may not be an ideal start, but it will be an opportunity to motivate you.

5) Talk about the impact on other family members

It’s a good idea to talk a little bit about how this might affect other family members.

He also tells them that he thinks he will be out of work for some time. Or talk about how much money you can afford to live without getting a loan.

When talking about a troubling problem, the most important thing is to maintain a positive attitude. Although it may be temporary, it is good to offer a solution.

What if this still doesn’t work out?

There are people who don’t really care about what they do. There are people who are happy and comfortable with being financially dependent on others. These people spend their days innocently, like children, without much worry.

In this case, it is best to consult a professional. In this case, it is highly likely that you will not be looking for a job over time. Perhaps breaking up with your spouse is the best solution. The ideal relationship is for two people to grow while working together. A life partner who does not try to grow will only negatively affect our lives.

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