How to Make a House Feel like a Home


Some homes feel sterile when you walk in, even if someone lives there. There is nothing about the décor or color scheme that tells you much about them. Everything is generic or just plain boring.

While this kind of property works well as rental, it isn’t exactly a home unless your middle name is “boring”. So, what can you do to add some sparkle to your home? Well, you could give the kids a tub of glitter, but we don’t recommend it!

Read on for some quick and environmentally friendly tips.

Objet d’ Art

Art is an excellent way to brighten up a home and give visitors some insight into who you are. From paintings and prints to sculptures, ceramics, and textiles – find something you like and place it on a wall, shelf, or even the floor.

Artwork can be as personal as you like, and doesn’t need to appeal to everyone since it’s your home. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the unique homeware from Tom Dixon. The Tom Dixon brand features some gorgeous glassware, decanters, candles, and diffusers. Nothing looks more stylish than some carefully chosen pieces from a designer brand.


The scent is an important part of what makes a house feel like a home. Are there some scents that you love? Vanilla and floral scents are always popular, but perhaps there is a perfume that evokes special memories, or you love the scent of the ocean.

Whatever your favorite scent, find a way to recreate it in your house and when you walk through the door, it will feel like home. Just make sure it’s a pleasant scent and not Eau de Dog. No matter how much you adore your smelly dog, visitors won’t appreciate his odor as much as you.

Personal Photos

Photographs tell a story. From shots of your honeymoon to photos of you and your buddies landing a monster fish, they are all a talking point. When a house has no personal photos in sight, it is hard to work out who lives there, or anything about them.

Dig out all your old photo albums or download the best images from your Instagram or Facebook. Curate the ones you love the most and that tell an interesting story. Print them off if they are digital images and place the best ones in frames. There’s no need to buy the exact same frame for each photo – mix and match frames for a quirky effect.

Have a family photo wall where you place pictures of your kids and close relatives doing fun things. Kids grow up so fast. Having a selection of their best moments immortalized on the wall is a lovely way to resurrect the good times and it shows visitors how much you love them.

Don’t try and emulate staged rooms on lifestyle websites. These are not homes. Your home should feel warm, cozy, and most importantly, somewhere you are comfortable.

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