How to Hang Clothes in a Narrow House


Here are some tips on how to dry clothes even in a small apartment. Learn more in this article!

Doing laundry, hanging clothes, and folding clothes is quite a chore. If you don’t have a dryer at home, it’s not easy to dry clothes in a small house, and it can be very difficult in the rainy season and winter when clothes don’t dry well.

Even if you don’t have a small house or apartment with no outside space, it can be difficult to hang clothes outside if it’s raining, strong winds, or cold weather.

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Here’s a simple way to easily hang clothes even in a small house.

1) Basic laundry drying rack

You can hang all your clothes in one place, with iron legs, and aluminum rods. Let’s see if we can stretch it out

2) Vertical Clothes Dryer

The vertical clothes dryer is longer vertically than horizontally and does not take up much space, so it is good to use in a narrow space.

The vertical drying rack has well-distributed rods, so you can hang clothes sufficiently, and when not hanging the laundry, you can put it in the shower.

3) Good old Balcony laundry drying rack

Perfect for drying underwear, baby clothes, and delicate clothes is to use the balcony of your house.

4) Washing rack for bathroom

Having a small drying rack in your washroom can come in very handy, it helps in drying also it doesn’t take up much space

5) Wall-mounted laundry drying rack

The wall-mounted clothes dryer is a product that is attached to the wall and can be folded when not in use.

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Make sure the folding dryer is as close to the wall as possible.

6) Wardrobe dividers

If you have curtain rods, It’s a good idea to have them near a window so the clothes can dry well.

7) Ceiling laundry drying rack

After installing it on the ceiling, it can be lowered every time you use it. You can pull the rack down according to your usage.

Definitive Tips for drying clothes in a small house

  • If you want to dry your clothes properly, here are some tips.
  • Dry your clothes in the driest room in the house. If possible, place the drying rack in a well-ventilated area or in front of a window.
  • Hanging clothes on a hanger can improve air circulation.
  • Do a little laundry each day to avoid piling up.
  • If possible, use a fan.

Tips to avoid a musty smell when drying clothes indoors

It is important to keep all windows open to allow air to circulate.

If possible, consider turning on a dehumidifier that absorbs moisture.

These tips can help keep your clothes from smelling musty.

Of course, there is also a simple way to leave your clothes at the laundromat.

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