How to Get Rid of Jealousy Until the Relationship is not Completely Ruined?


Jealousy is the most dangerous feeling in love marital relationships. No wonder many people struggle to find an answer to the question of how to get rid of jealousy. It suppresses not only the object of jealousy but also the most jealous. And the word “object” is inserted here for nothing. When we are jealous of those we love, we do not treat them as objects, objects, objects, or people at this moment.

Jealousy manifests itself in different ways. Someone called disgusting thought that the loved one was (a) close to someone else and then tried to touch you (“Pooh, how disgusting, don’t touch me!”). Some people react completely differently, and this feeling comes from a deeper awareness of the problem. We are jealous of friendship, not in the intimate sense (“How can you go back to the person in question when I have you? The other half!”).

In that and other reactions, our attitude towards our loved one as an object is revealed. First, we try to punish him, as if he had done something dirty, and we are on it. We do not approve of his actions. Second, we are trying to protect his freedom and keep him bound. We want to stay, but we don’t know how.

No matter how jealousy appears, the behavior is destructive and dangerous. Here it is necessary to think seriously and urgently. How to get rid of jealousy!

The approach to solving the problem in this matter depends on the nature of the relationship with the partner, the duration of the partner, trust, openness to the partner.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ve just begun to get rid of jealousy. Alas, if you could show all that glory as that cleverest jealous man, the relationship would collapse. A person may wish to be able to somehow restrain himself the next time…

There may always be someone who will like your constant anger and doubts, but endless and unfounded accusations… Do you really believe it? stop! Focus your turbulent energy in a positive direction: instead of constantly focusing on the actions of others, take care of your life, success, and loved ones. You can see that this technique works just the opposite of what we’ve done so far. You will be elected, and the desire to change your half will not arise.

Trust in a long-term (4-7 months or more) relationship, but you still pat it with jealousy, your partner does not like it and is already rather tired. He’s already happy to do what he’s charged with. So attacking him is disgusting. The struggle with jealousy in this situation begins when you know the cause and work with your partner. If this is due to your own success and pride, you need to tell your partner that you are afraid of losing him. Because he is the most valuable man (the most valuable woman).

Whatever he (she) answers, you will feel better. And in love no one insured. It is foolish to promise that he (she) will love you forever and keep his word without going to another (other). No one can say that. Love comes and goes, leaving behind new loves and pleasant memories, the pain of disappointment, and the desire to do something different next time. So our advice to you: enjoy your wonderful relationships, don’t ruin them, don’t complete them. Otherwise, it will actually happen.

In family therapy, women usually alarm their own jealousy and ask the psychologist: How to get rid of the jealousy of the husband? This is the hardest thing. After marriage registration, life makes a person “invisible” by eating too much of a husband’s worth, so that his wife does not take it too seriously. The same goes for my husband! As soon as you focus on his positive qualities, instead of always following and doubting, it will be easier. Remember the wisdom of people.

A stupid woman looks at a man, and herself is smart. Only to the loving, happy and loving wife, the husband returns and skips with joy.And the last piece of advice on all ways from jealousy, remember that your loved one has the right to talk to anyone, and remember that he has the right to choose whoever he is, because he is a person and never belongs to you. If you fit him, he will be with you. Otherwise, it will disappear. Because you didn’t get along. Very simple. Only our emotions complicate things. Orient them in the right direction.

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