How to Design Interior According to Dark Hardwood Floors?


Wood flooring is loved because it is natural and luxurious. However, the dark hardwood floor color can make your house look dull.
For those who are worried about the interior of the wooden floor, this post is about how to decorate the living room with a dark wooden floor.

What goes with Dark Hardwood Floors?

Wooden flooring is an essential interior flooring material to create a chic and luxurious atmosphere in your home. However, if you choose the wrong gloss and color of the wood flooring material,  the atmosphere inside the house can be dark and dull. My house has dark wooden floors, how and what kind of furniture should I place?
If you’re worried, try using the wooden floor interior ideas I’ll introduce!

Wood furniture is good to create a harmonious atmosphere with dark wooden floors.

However, it should be light-colored wooden furniture! For example, match a medium or light cherry or maple (maple) wood furniture to a dark wooden floor, such as a dark gray or near-black color.

How to Design Interior According to Dark Hardwood Floors

In addition to bright wooden furniture, if you decorate your living room with fluffy white carpets or rugs, and walls painted with white paint (matte-like Zegna milk paint), you can escape the dull living room atmosphere!

Match furniture legs with Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark wood floors don’t necessarily have to match light furniture. Instead, match the leg of the wooden furniture as closely as possible to the color of the wooden floor. Then you can create an elegant and harmonious interior. If you choose furniture to match the color of the wooden floor, be sure to paint the walls in a light color.

It doesn’t have to be white paint, but it should be a lighter color than furniture and hardwood floors!

Mixed Woods

It looks like this in the woods. If you match a dark wooden table and light wooden chairs in the kitchen with a dark wooden floor, the contrast will be created to create a sensuous kitchen interior. A white painted wall with a rough surface shouldn’t be missed, right?

Rich Wall Color and Kilim Rug

How to Design Interior According to Dark Hardwood Floors 1

If you like colorful colors? Decorate the walls with any color of paint. Then place a kilim pattern (Islamic tradition) carpet, fabric carpet, with the same color as the wall color on the wooden floor. With patterned carpets and bright walls, dark wooden floor interiors are also very easy.

Dark Rug, Light walls

The dark-colored patterned rug looks so bounced, but it’s not! It will make your room more attractive. And you have to turn dark walls into white-toned paint! For those who say ‘I’m tired of white walls, I recommend a pale sky blue or lavender-colored paint on the walls

Marble, White, Bronze, and Wood

Dark wood floors sometimes make your kitchen chic. If you want to maintain this chic atmosphere, decorate your kitchen with white cabinets and walls, warm copper-colored furniture, and wooden furniture that is lighter than the floor

How to Design Interior According to Dark Hardwood Floors

Warm Gray Walls and Moroccan Rug

The generous Moroccan carpet fits well in any interior, but it is an interior accessory that suits especially dark wooden floors. Decorate the walls with warm gray paint and complete the luxurious interior with neatly colored furniture.

Wood Floors Being too Dark!

Do you want to refurbish with a new floor because it’s too dark like a cypress floor? There is an easier and simpler way. Paint with pale blue-toned walls and white-toned moldings. Bamboo feet and soft-colored carpets on the windows complete the living room interior with a dark wooden floor!

In addition, cover the living room wooden floors that are too dark with room-sized rugs/carpets. This interior design is perfect for bedrooms with less confusion.


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