How to Combine Work and Study : Practical Advice


Can you combine work and study? This question is always of interest to admissions. I always want to eat, but does not the solution of material problems interfere with a quality education? Time management experts give you some practical advice. They will help you optimize your activities and manage your time wisely to ensure everything is on time.

How to Combine Work and Study? Inform the Teacher

Wondering how to combine work many young people begin to choose. It’s not worth it. First, education will always help you build a career and serve you. So you should take advantage of the opportunity to get it. Second, teachers respect the students who work. For this reason, they often make concessions in exams and exams. It is worthwhile to warn in advance so that misunderstandings and conflicts can be eliminated during the school year.

Comfortable Workplace Choice

Another pressing issue for students. What kind of research can be combined with research? Of course, your first thought would be to apply it to a job site or a special section of a newspaper. However, you can only find vacancies for waiters, promoters, couriers, sales consultants, etc. Is it worth wasting time and effort? Moreover, earnings here are unstable and career growth is unpredictable. We recommend that you also exclude night work from the list of options. Students, like everyone else, should get enough sleep and stay healthy.

It makes more sense to get a freelance job as an employee of a good organization. It is desirable in its field of specialization. Journalists, assistant lawyers, junior analysts, radio hosts – there are many more options here. So get the experience you need and improve your skills in the real world. Teachers will definitely approve such activities with approval.

What kind of work to combine with research

If it is difficult for you to decide on your own, what kind of work is combined with research, you can contact the employment agency. It will help you select vacancies with part-time (or flexible schedule) and required working conditions. This service is paid and it takes some time to find a suitable job (1-2 months).

Schedule your day by the hour.

After what you can do with your research findings, you can move on to the next topic. You need to accurately estimate the amount of time you need to study and get on the road. Then add this time, which is the time you need for full sleep. And don’t forget to allocate time for food intake and household needs.

Summarize all indicators. And if that number exceeds 24 hours, you have to think about what you can “save”. Reduce work schedules, for example. You must consult with the authorities in advance. And it can reduce study preparation time. And some stuff to send over the weekend. In no case should you tie yourself up to the natural need for rest and nutrition? Weekdays Write down weekdays as hours.

Time management experts advise. Set aside an hour for unexpected situations. If you don’t have one, you can devote time to rest, work, or preparation for the next school year.

Create a daily schedule

Continue. A clear timetable must be drawn up as work and study must be combined with rigorous work and responsibilities. It may vary by a few days as it depends on your training schedule and other factors.

Buy a thick diary. You need to keep a to-do list. This also has its own subtleties. The first entry must necessarily relate to your research and work. Only then do you not have to enter cases related to day-to-day problems or have urgency in decisions and implementations.

At the end of the day, you need to wait 5 minutes to summarize the results. Did you meet your schedule? Were you able to accomplish everything you planned? And already make plans for the next day and write open points to fill the gaps. And remember that the longer you get the job done, the more time you spend implementing it. And this can seriously harm workers or the training process.

Learning without a “tail”

The system of accumulation is about education. Some people are surprised by the opportunity to combine work and study full-time. It’s all a reality to simply take and act without “swinging” for a long time and dismissing empty excuses. Do not postpone what can turn into a long tail until tomorrow. Debt on research creates a stressful situation at best and affects ratings. In the worst case, you could lose your job due to expulsion or poor progress.

Experts recommend using help classmates. They can explain missing topics, help with exam preparation, and share necessary training materials. So the process is not only more fun but also more effective. Also, on the night before the exam, do not try to throw everything away and stuff your head with everything. Long-term memorization techniques have long proven to be much more useful and effective. To master the training material, you should allocate at least one hour each day. And you need to repeat everything before the exam.

Use your free time as a benefit.

To do everything, it is necessary to learn how to use time rationally. For example, do multiple cases in parallel. Calculate how many hours you spend on the road each day. about an hour or two? And how much can you help? Do not ignore this possibility. Reading textbooks, learning foreign languages, listening to audiobooks, sending e-mails to work for clients, making new plans, writing down ideas or suggestions to work or study. So you can only get away with trifles. But develop useful skills that will allow you to adapt easily and confidently to the fast-paced life rhythm of the future.

Another successful method, how to combine work and learning, is the correct use of opportunities. There are times when so-called “windows” are formed. For example, a teacher did not attend a lecture or a job function was performed faster than expected. Don’t “sit down” without wasting time. Open your diary and browse the list of cases. Maybe you can do something right now.

Do not communicate with family and friends.

In order to always be active and active in a great mood, you need relaxation and positive emotions. All this can be obtained from a meeting with relatives or friends. The ideal time is the weekend when the case’s plans are reduced to domestic matters and prepare for a new week. You may want to try to get a convenient combination. For example, going to the pool or the gym can be combined with a meeting with friends, inviting them together.

Take a break from time to time. And it takes the right attitude and motivation. To achieve emotional balance, it will be more useful to do it alone. During this time, you can listen to music, read your favorite book, or watch an interesting movie. Find something that inspires you. And energy will be hitting with inexhaustible keys.

Improve your Skills

How to combine work and study? Learn to manage your time, not his slave. Whether you’re studying a foreign language, attending a class, or working with a tutor, think about how you’re using your valuable resources. After all, sitting at home and talking to the same tutor over Skype is much more profitable and less effective. Also, there is no need to waste time and money.

If you want to study and work, you can learn speed reading skills to process large amounts of information. This significantly reduces the time for self-preparation for seminars and exams, as well as the time for performing work. In addition, scientists have demonstrated that faster readings absorb information better and, paradoxically, sound.

Developing thinking and memory will also be useful. Today, there are many special exercises, books, simulators for this. Students who can think faster, read and remember, work more productively and realize more.

Predict the outcome.

Can you combine work and study? Time management experts are convinced that it is. And to make this process more interesting, analyze the list of completed cases. Create your own giveaway After all, you need constant healthy motivation. For example, this week has had a lot of achievements. Isn’t that possible anymore? Predict the outcome. And don’t forget to reward yourself for any success. So with speed and hand, you can spend time buying chocolate bars or watching your favorite movies.

Distracting you from self-analysis and major domestic issues can be a distracting factor in the form of television, phone, and music. Use only when necessary or during breaks.

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