How To Choose A Good Teacher For Your Child?


How do you know if online learning is right for your child? Despite the fact that this format of classes is very popular today, many parents are disappointed in online courses, as they do not see the result of their children. In this article, you will learn what qualities an online school teacher must have in order for your child to study with pleasure and you will see the result 100%.

The success of each child depends on the teaching methodology, teacher and the format of the lessons themselves. For preschoolers and schoolchildren, learning in a play format is best suited, when children are involved in the classroom and learn with interest. The second important factor is teachers. We will talk about them today. From the article you will learn how to understand that this is a professional teacher with whom your child will receive 100% of the result.

7 Qualities That Distinguish A Professional Online School teacher

More than a thousand online lessons take place every day in the world. Our educators from Kidskey online school know from their own experience that learning success depends not only on the abilities and knowledge of each child, and not only on how well the teacher knows his subject.

Have a pen and paper ready and write down a checklist to find the right teacher for your child. So, a good online school teacher:

1) Confidently Uses Online Learning Tools

Since classes are held online, the teacher must confidently use the Internet and be well versed in the features and latest tools of online learning. And also do not stop learning, because educational technologies are rapidly developing.

For example, all teachers of our online school undergo multi-level training: they pass internal exams for knowledge of teaching methods and the ability to work according to unique edutainment programs in order to teach each child to read in a guaranteed number of lessons. A good online educator never stops learning.

2) Understands the Characteristics of Children of Different Ages

A child will never be interested in a subject if there is a conservative teacher in front of him, who limits himself only to the boring presentation of the material in the classroom and does not consider it necessary to adapt to the passage of time and the interests of children.

A modern teacher knows what children 5, 10 and 15 are interested in today and can always find common topics with them.

We often hear from the parents of our students that the child and the teacher have a lot in common, so they communicate as friends. For example, our teacher Julia also adores books about Harry Potter, like her 8-year-old student John. And teacher Anastasia, like her 5-year-old student Adele, is very fond of the cartoon about Tom and Jerry, because you can laugh heartily.

A good teacher knows in what style you need to communicate with a child of a particular age in order to quickly find a common language with him. Our youngest students are very pleased when teachers call them princesses or fairies in class and do not forget about compliments. And boys love to be compared to their favorite superheroes.

3) Always Welcoming and Friendly with Children

If the teacher communicates with the child in a friendly manner from the first lesson, then a favorable environment for learning is immediately created. The child feels support from his teacher and this helps him to achieve success in learning faster.

Our children are looking forward to each lesson, not only because they really like the lessons in the format of the game, but also because our lessons begin with a smile and questions: “How are you?”, “How are you?”, “With whom are you going to study today? ”if the child has put a toy next to it.

A good teacher should work for the result, but sometimes deviate from the topic of the lesson and show sincere interest if the student shares something important with him.

4) Interest and Inspiration

A professional teacher of an online school transfers knowledge along with emotions and makes the child fall in love with his subject: he knows where to joke, tell a story, how to present the benefits of studying the subject so that the child himself wants to learn. A good teacher must be creative and passionate about teaching.

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5) Has Flexibility

Even if the teacher has vast experience and the number of students has exceeded 1000, there is no guarantee that everything will go according to plan with the new student. It happens that in the first lesson the child refuses to study for unknown reasons and throws a tantrum, and sometimes he just comes to class in a bad mood, and instead of studying, he jumps on the bed or makes grimaces in front of the monitor.

How would an ordinary person react to this situation, even a mother, what do you think? Most likely, the first reaction would be indignation or irritation.

A good teacher always controls his emotions, knows how to be flexible and knows how to win over a child and involve him in the educational process.

6) Works for Results

All children are different. Each child has its own characteristics and learning speed. Someone has problems with the pronunciation of sounds, someone mixes languages, and someone does not speak English at all. But a professional teacher is not afraid of difficulties and knows how to lead every child to a result.

A professional teacher is a person who is not afraid of difficulties and knows how to find the key to each child and bring him to the result.

7) Loves Children And His Work

Working with children and teaching is not easy work, so there is no way without love. If a teacher loves children, he can always find an approach to them, and if he adores his subject, he will know it from A to Z.

This is one of the main criteria for selecting teachers for the modern online school, so they teach here with love.

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