How to Buy a Gift for the 12-Year-Old Girl That Has Everything


Finding the right gift for a girl who’s not yet a teenager but also no longer a child (at least in her eyes!) isn’t easy. And when the girl in question already has it all, shopping around for a good present can become even more difficult than usual. So, how do you even begin to approach getting some fun and exciting gifts for girls aged 12 who have everything? Here are some tips on narrowing down your search and finding something that’s both appropriate and fun!

Experience gifts

If she has it all, forget the ideal physical gift and look to create a memorable experience instead. This all boils down to knowing what she loves to do in her spare time. Is she a fashion and glamour lover? Get some fun makeover experiences for her and a few friends. Does she love sporting activities? An adventure park trip may be a perfect day out instead. Whether it’s a cinema trip, a day at the arcades, a cosy sleepover, or a pampering package, there’s nothing quite like a day out with her best friends to make a memorable gift that lasts a lifetime.

Thrilling gifts

Some girls love nothing more than testing their nerves on some of the most thrilling rollercoaster rides available. Or maybe they’ve got a little daredevil inside of them and want to try zip-lining surrounded by high trees and stunning views. It all depends on what she seems naturally drawn to and what her interests are. After all, not all girls want to play with their dolls, some want to get active and have fun!

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Unique gifts

Gifts don’t have to break the bank in order to be a hit. And with so many independent online stores offering unique jewellery, accessories and artwork, you’re certain to find something she’ll love. To make a unique gift feel extra special, look at gifts from small online businesses that are inspired by a character from her favourite book or movie.

Timeless gifts

If this gift is for a 12-year-old that you’re especially close to and love dearly, there’s even the option to give them something timeless that you’ve had in your possession for years. Explaining what the item means to you and why it’s so special can make it a gift that has a lot of emotional value attached to it.

Charitable gifts

For the girl who has everything, making a charitable donation in her name can sometimes be a truly special moment for her. This works perfectly for girls who adore animals and would love to know that an animal has been rescued or sponsored in her name.

Final Thoughts

No matter how many gifts and possessions she owns, knowing what matters most to a girl can unlock a huge resource of gifts that not only make her day but continue to be precious to her over the years to come. If you can accomplish this, your gift will forever be close to her heart, regardless of how many other toys and material things she has.

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