How To Build A Breakfast Tray for Bed


Serve your better half coffee and croissants on an individually designed, self-made breakfast board and become the hero of the weekend. Triangular cut tiles form a harmonious basic pattern on the board and provide a unique look. What a way to start the day!

Here are some easy steps on how you can make a breakfast tray for bed.

Set Tile Pattern

For making the breakfast tray, First, measure the area of ​​the tray. Then your creativity is required: Which tile patterns and colors harmonize particularly well with each other? Once you’ve made up your mind, think about how to arrange and cut the tiles. If you want to get a triangle pattern, draw a line from the left and right corners to the center of the opposite side on the tile.

Cut Tiles to Size

Once you have marked all the tiles accordingly, you can start cutting the tiles. A suitable helper is a tile cutter. Simply clamp the tile in it, score along the marking and use the breaker to break the tile.

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Glue the Pattern

Now it’s time to sample the triangle pattern on the tray. If all the cut tile elements fit together as desired, you can start gluing the tiles. Apply the dispersion adhesive to the surface with a smoothing trowel. Then press the tiles onto the adhesive as previously planned.

Grouting the Surface

When the glue is well dry, you stir the grout and spread it between the tiles with grout. Then clean the tiles with a tile sponge. Don’t worry if some mortar has gotten onto the wood: you can remove the damp easily damp sponge. Last but not least, prepare freshly brewed coffee and oven-warm rolls just as lovingly as the tray on which they are served – and breakfast happiness is within reach.

Just by following these steps, you can make a breakfast tray at home. These breakfast trays come in handy when you have kids and have to serve food to someone in bed.

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