How To Be A Submissive Wife


Want a happy married life? Your husband is dominant and wants you to be a submissive wife? Here are some great tips that will be a key to your successful and happy married life!

Let me first clear the biggest myth of being a submissive wife. It does not at all mean that your husband will control every aspect of your life and you won’t even have an opinion on it. Instead, all a husband wants from a submissive wife is that she should be her supporter, lover, and caring partner. When you submit yourself to your husband it shows your blind trust, love, and loyalty towards him.

Benefits of being a submissive wife:

  • Enhances love and affection between couples.
  • Lower divorce rates.
  • Keep your relationship healthy and alive.
  • You receive your husband’s special treatment as in gifts, outings, and romantic dates.
  • Less fighting and promotes peace.

Ways to be a submissive wife:

Look after the house and keep it under control:

Doing house chores is an important part but don’t make yourself a maid. If you both have divided your parts then just make sure not to forget yours and do it timely.

Open to your husband’s sexual desire and needs:

It is the far most important of all! From the entire world, your husband chooses you as his girl on earth, now it’s your turn to choose him as well. Most men love sex so do it as often as you can.

When your husband asks for sex if you can then do it. If in case you are seriously ill or have some serious issue then instead of saying a clear no, explain the reason to your husband so he does not feel rejected.

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Include husband in your financial decisions:

Even if you are a working woman, include your husband in your financial matters. It will keep you and your husband at the same pace. He will appreciate it and will show him respect.

Be a good listener:

Listening to your husband carefully without interrupting, then give him thoughts and your opinion about the matter.

Be polite while sharing your opinions:

Both have equal rights to share opinions in every matter. How the opinion is the shared matters the most. Share it with politeness and tact. In this way, your opinions will be listened to carefully and will be taken into consideration also. Never bombard your opinions with a high pitch on his hard days, let him be relaxed, and then with a polite tone share your thoughts.

Care for his wishes:

Pay attention to your husband’s needs. This will give him a clear message that you care for him and he matters to you the most.

Don’t yell at your husband:

Both argued? Does he sometimes irritate you? Don’t shout or yell at him in this case as this can worsen the conditions and lead to a serious fight. Instead, you can express your sadness by crying, or even walking out of the room can work.

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