How To Add More Light To The Kitchen


As the heart of the home, the kitchen is often a first priority when it comes to renovation.

Whether it is sitting at the dinner table and enjoying each other’s company, cooking a meal or entertaining guests, the kitchen is a hub of socializing, delicious smells and wholesome feelings.

The aesthetic of the kitchen can totally transform the home. While a bright and homely kitchen will draw you in, a dark and drab one will quickly deter the family from spending any time there.

Natural light in the space can help improve your mood, as well as create an appealing environment for the family to hang out. The light wakes us up in the morning as we grab our first coffee of the day, or as we finish the day while gazing into the garden.

So, if your house is naturally quite dark, how do you add more light into the kitchen?

Use a Light Color Scheme

Light, neutral tones always brighten up a room. With creamy off-whites, natural light will quickly reflect and fill the space – giving you a more spacious and airier feel. Finding the right color scheme is a balancing act, as brilliant whites can often make the room look cold and bare, while dark shades will absorb light and create a moodier environment.

New Windows

Of course, the easiest way to get light into the kitchen is by adding more windows. Bespoke window manufacturers will be able to measure your space to find the best size, shape and position for new windows.

Windows can then hold summer flowerpots, a herb garden or be simply framed by a pair of voile curtains to add to the airy feel.

If your kitchen is in an extension, skylights are the perfect way to flood the space with heaps of natural light that will leave you feeling fresh and energized when you head down to breakfast.

Glossy surfaces

While standard kitchen worktops and cupboards are wood, glossy surfaces help to reflect the light around the space much better, as well as providing a modern style for the house. To compliment the glossy surfaces, you should also use coordinating appliances to complete the look and keep light bouncing around the room.

Patio Doors

Although this might be a little more costly, patio doors or bi-fold doors are one of the best ways to bring natural light into the kitchen and to blend the outdoors with the indoors. Patio doors are great for homes that are more of a social hub for guests and family; opening up the doors to fill the room with fresh air while enjoying a Summer barbeque or a cozy night in front of the fire pit.

These are just a few ways to flood the kitchen with more natural light, and to provide a bright and spacious setting for the family to enjoy company. If you have very little room to make big changes – like windows or patio doors – you can still create a lighter environment with the right fabrics, furnishings and color scheme.

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