How The Mother-Child Bond Works

Image indicate a love of mother to her child

There is no bond on earth that is as selfless and beautiful as a mother and her child. This is how the mother-child bond works

Taking an interest in other people, especially their faces is a step in the process of the parent-child relationship. This is the child’s ability to bond with one or two people around them, mostly their parents. By learning more about how the mother-child bond works, you can strengthen the relationship with your child.

You are the most important person in your child’s life and that is a good thing. This can be seen in different areas: There is nothing better for your child than looking at you in the face.

Your child can just lie there for a long time and look at your eyes and mouth. It’s exciting from birth.

Research has shown that a two-hour-old infant makes his first attempts at communication by closely observing facial expressions and gestures and listening to the tone of his voice.

There is nothing better for your child than looking at you in the face.

In the first few months of the child’s life, it is the face that is most exciting. But in the beginning, the baby basically reacts to every face and can often answer with a big smile. Only a little later do the reactions refine and increasingly relate to the faces of people close to them.

The parent-child bond develops in the first year of life.


The bonding process is most pronounced during the first year of life. Immediately after birth, the baby will enjoy your closeness, the feeling of skin on skin and the sound of your voice.

The child’s ability to bond with the person closest to them originally served as protection against dangers in the big world. Otherwise, the child would not have had the opportunity to assert itself on its own.

The parent-child relationship begins within the first few hours after the birth. In the course of the first year of life, the bond becomes stronger – during this time the relationship between you and your child intensifies most.

A good parent-child bond is important and strengthens the child’s self-confidence for a lifetime. Your child knows that someone is always there for them and that they will stand up for them. This is also important later in adulthood.

Carry your child and respond to their crying with touch and calming words.

Image indicate a love of mother to her child


“It’s very important that you and your child get involved,” says Amanda Weiss Kelly, who works at one of the largest children’s hospitals in the United States, Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Take your baby in your arms and respond to his crying with touch and calming words. ”

“Take your child’s crying as a sign that something is wrong. It tries to explain to you that it needs your help with something. By responding to the crying, you show your child that you are there for them, now and always. ”

The sound of the parent’s heartbeat and breath also usually have a calming effect on the child. Quiet everyday noises that your child already knows from the womb.

By learning your child that you are there for them when they cry, by encouraging your baby’s interest and by showing them that you care, the bond between you and your child is strengthened.”

“Babies like to contact you and look at your face. So like to carry your child so that they can look up at you from time to time,” says the doctor. “The pattern of attachment that your child develops is reflected in all of their future relationships.

By creating this relationship foundation, you are helping your child to reach out to other people later in life – and to trust in their own abilities. The parent-child bond is therefore more important than you might think.

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