Household Steam Cleaner Pros and Cons


Steam is very effective and practical for removing stubborn grime.

Steam cleaning helps remove stubborn dirt and grime. Instead of spending hours trying to remove stains and grime, using a steam cleaner product makes cleaning much easier.

Steam cleaning technology is also useful for disinfection and odor removal. Also, there is no need to scrub with a cloth or chemicals such as detergent.

In this article, we will talk about how to use a steam cleaner.

The Usefulness of Steam for Cleaning

Steam is a phase of water produced when it changes from a liquid to a gaseous state during exposure to temperatures close to its boiling point. It is colorless and odorless but is usually white and turbid with tiny droplets interspersed.

Steam’s usefulness in cleaning is demonstrated by its ability to remove complex stains and remove viruses, bacteria, and mites from carpets, clothing, and furniture. Besides fabrics, steam also helps sanitize corners that brooms and mops can’t reach.

It is also an environmentally friendly method as it cleans without the use of chemicals. There are dry and hot steam cleaners which consist of the action of heating water and generating gas at a temperature above 90 °C.

There are also wet and low-temperature steam cleaners that do not boil water. Unlike previous products, it requires more water and lower temperatures, making it difficult to remove bacteria or fungi.

Do not steam-clean cardboard, paper, antique, or painted surfaces.

How to use a household steam cleaner

The steam cleaner is easy to use. It’s intuitive and should basically follow the user manual.

Before you start cleaning, do a quick test to familiarize yourself with the device. Turn on the vacuum and don’t get too close to the nozzle.

For best results, vacuum first and then use a steam cleaner. You can add mild soap or baking soda to the steam cleaner tank if you like.

Steam cleaners have been used for washing clothes for a long time with very good results.

Steam Cleaner Advantages

Steam cleaners have several advantages:

  • Reach: Steam cleans hard-to-reach spots like corners and under furniture.
  • Versatile: Its most well-known function is degreasing, but it also acts as a duster and iron, as well as sanitizes and deodorizes tiles.
  • Power: The power of this machine is efficient when it comes to removing stains. Dust on fabric, ceramics, walls, and even kitchen utensils can be easily removed with steam.
  • Sustainability: It is an environmentally friendly device as it only requires water. Traditional cleaning tends to involve chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.
  • Savings: The speed of your device is important to achieve all scheduled tasks and free time. It certainly requires an upfront investment, but it’s a useful device for cleaning almost any surface.
  • Allergy relief: At high temperatures, the steam attacks dust mites, fungi, and bacteria, alleviating allergy symptoms.

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Steam cleaning Disadvantages

While the advantages of steam cleaners are competitive, they also have disadvantages such as steam time and temperature.

‘Consumer Reports claims that steaming for 10 minutes on a tile or mosaic floor will break down the pathogen, but using it on a wooden floor can warp the floor.

Let’s look at the other downsides.

  • Size: There are portable models, but some steam cleaners are too large to handle.
  • Price: Not as budget-friendly as a regular mop, and requires refilling the water tank each time you clean.
  • Moisture: There is always some moisture left, which must be removed to avoid bad odors or mold.
  • Speed: You have to wait for the water to heat up before you start disinfecting.
  • Burn Hazard: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies water vapor as a major cause of burns. Protect your hands with gloves to prevent accidents.

Dust mites are the cause of many allergies, but can be eliminated with steam cleaning.


Be sure to read the instructions to get all the benefits of a steam cleaner for home cleaning. Also, use safety equipment to minimize the possibility of an accident.

Finally, use a cleaner on surfaces such as vinyl and ceramic tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The same goes for curtains and mattresses. Other fragile materials can be damaged by heat.

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