Hot Water Heater Buying Guide


Most households in Sydney run into a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right hot water heater. Considering the multiplicity of features and specifications in these systems, you need to make the right call. This ensures that the hot water system would properly cater to the requirements of your family. The last thing you would expect is to take a cold shower due to the incompetence of the hot water system. Besides, you wouldn’t like shelling out additional money to replace the system every few years.

Regardless of the model you choose, make sure to hire professional plumbers for hot water system installation at your home. This would keep you secure from instances like flooding or leaking.

In this post, we have focused on some crucial aspects that would help you purchase a suitable hot water heater.

Choose the right type of hot water heater

Presently, you have a pretty wide range of hot water heaters available on the market. When you reach out to a reputed Sydney Plumber, the experts would help you customize the right appliance. Next, they would install the system at the right place in your home. Here are some of the common variants you can choose from.

  • Tankless hot water heaters provide hot water on demand. They don’t occupy much space, and come devoid of a storage tank. They have metal coils that heat the water and supply it to the users.
  • The most common water heater involves the conventional ones. The hot water remains stored in an insulated tank. so, you can use it as per your requirements.
  • You also have heat pump water heaters, that are capable of capturing the heat and transporting it to a different place. These tanks do not generate heat directly.
  • Of late, the market has witnessed the popularity of solar water heaters. The system involves a fluid-like antifreeze, that uses solar power to heat the water.
  • Lastly, you have condensing water heaters, which run on gas. These heaters have a decent capacity of more than 55 gallons.

Based on your budget and requirements, you can make the decision and purchase the heater that suits your needs.

What aspects should you look out for while purchasing the heater?

  1. Storage capacity

When you purchase a conventional water heater, the size of the tank matters. This largely depends on the number of members in your household and the quantity of water you might need. Consulting a reputed plumbing company, you can decide on the capacity.

  1. Brass valves

When you explore the market, you will come across water heaters with a drainage hose at the base. It would be wise to go for products that have brass valves. Compared to plastic valves, the brass ones last longer.

  1. Price

Calculating the price would be a tricky affair, since you need to look beyond the purchase value. With every heater, you would have to factor in an annual operating cost and maintenance. So, go for an appliance that consumes less energy.

Working closely with one of the reputed plumbers, you can choose the right water heater. Try to get a product with an extended warranty. This way, you can get the best out of your investment.

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