Home Improvements That Require a Plumber


Improving the home is on most people’s list of things to do, which offers numerous benefits and if you are planning a project this year, the chances are you will need a plumber. This tradesman can do a lot more than fix leaks, and with that in mind, here are some home improvement projects that require a plumber.

Bathroom Revamp

The best plumber in Cronulla can relocate your corner shower unit or change the position of the vanity; all new appliances can be installed by a plumber. The plumber can source bathroom furniture at trade prices, so he can save you some money if you buy from him.

Kitchen Renovation

When you plan a kitchen remodeling and renovation, you should talk to your local plumber, especially if you plan on relocating any kitchen appliance. Some plumbers can install kitchen cabinets too, which many people would not expect.

En-suite Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to the master bedroom is the ultimate in luxury and the plumber is ready to install all the appliances. When you are ready to install the appliances, give the plumber a call and he’ll be there in no time. Indeed, consulting with the plumber during the planning stage is a wise move.

Hot Tub

If you have a few thousand dollars, why not install a top-of-the-range hot tub with all the mod cons? Your local plumber is more than capable of installing the unit and he may be able to source the model you want at trade prices. Google can show you the best brands, while you can watch serious product reviews on YouTube; of course, this is no small investment, but it is regarded as a permanent feature which adds value to the property. Click here for what to do in a plumbing emergency.

Loft conversion

If you want to add an en-suite bathroom to your loft conversion, the plumber can easily connect up the appliances at the preferred location, then hook up to the mains and drains. If you have a hot water tank in the attic, the plumber can remove it or relocate to another part of the house.

Install a sauna

Saunas are taking off here in Australia, even though we have very hot weather; the winter is a favourite time to stay in the sauna for 15-20 minutes.

Build an extension

The additional structure can easily be connected to the mains water and waste; talk to the plumber at the planning stage and the design will incorporate utility connection and placement. An extra bathroom would definitely require the services of a plumber; if you hire a small builder, they would have an in-house plumber to handle the connections and appliance installations.

Wherever you happen to be in Australia, you are never far from a certified plumber and when it comes to home improvements, there isn’t much a plumber cannot do!

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