8 Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Sale Value in Tuscon


Home renovations enhance the appeal and functionality of your living space and can contribute to a higher asking price when you decide to sell. But, understanding the local market dynamics is paramount to making informed renovation decisions.

In the dynamic Tucson housing market, where homes receive an average of 2 offers and sell within approximately 53 days, ensuring your property stands out from the crowd is essential. By leveraging market insights and implementing renovation strategies tailored to Tucson’s competitive market, you can increase your chances of attracting motivated buyers and achieving a successful sale.

Don’t let confusion hold you back from realizing the full potential of your home. We are here to provide valuable strategies and ideas to elevate your home’s market value.

1) Depersonalize Your Home

If you’re renovating because you want to move out of Tucson, depersonalizing your home will add quite a few hundred (even thousand) bucks to your home’s final value. It’ll also increase your chances of selling.

Buyers want to be able to imagine living in your house. With walls oozing with your travel excursions, and bookshelves adorned with your medals and shields, picturing their valuables in all those places can be pretty hard.

We recommend hiring trusted Tucson long distance movers and using their short-term storage services to keep your belongings safe until you’ve found a new home. That way, you can depersonalize your house without worrying about where to store your items.

2) Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. So, naturally, any changes to this area will yield good results. Open-plan kitchens, islands, and additional storage make kitchens more contemporary and functional. And open concept kitchens are one of Tuscon’s top 10 home design trends.

Most potential buyers prefer modern kitchens. So, go for energy-saving appliances, innovative lighting solutions, and neutral color tones. Installing new hardware like faucets, cabinet knobs, and hanging hooks and rods are great ideas too. After all, your kitchen must also be functional.

Kitchen renovations cost a pretty penny. But you can try and keep the costs down. For instance, you can paint the cabinets instead of getting new ones.

3) Upgrade the Bathroom

Buyer interest is always high in homes with updated bathrooms. Double vanities, fresh worktops, and updated plumbing fixtures are three examples of cost-effective renovations. High-impact renovations may include new flooring, walls and updated bathrooms and showers.

Increase your bathroom’s comfort with opulent upgrades like heated towel racks and radiant floor heating without breaking the bank.

Refresh the space by adding new furniture, painting, and re-grouting the tub. A new mirror and lighting fixtures may do wonders for a bathroom’s decor.

4) Curb Appeal

Homebuyers get a first impression of a house based on its curb appeal, even before setting foot inside. They somehow sense what’s on the other side of the door based on how the outside of the house looks.

Buyer interest in the inside is contingent on the outside, at the very least. Therefore, if you want to maximize your home’s worth, working on its curb appeal is a good idea.

Increase the lighting, spruce the garden, and maintain your lawn. Clear the route and update the fence if necessary. A professional cleaning of your roof and external walls may also provide positive results.

5) Paint Job

Painting your home’s interior and exterior is another excellent way to add value. You can add value to your house by having a professional paint job done.

Many real estate professionals think a few tins of paint and the correct equipment may boost your home’s market price.

Aesthetically, neutral hues are relaxing. They provide a blank slate against which prospective purchasers may see themselves living. Neutral colors will go a long way toward selling your property.

6) Upgrade Floor

Many purchasers choose hardwood over carpets, as carpet floors don’t sell well. If you have carpets, consider replacing them with hardwood or laminate. If you decide to replace the carpets, get good quality products that will last longer. Hardwood floors look great and are durable. But, most importantly, they are everyone’s favorite. And why not? They last a good twenty years if well cared for.

Hardwood floors vary in price and protection. Consider choosing more durable and reliable flooring for high-traffic areas like living rooms, hallways, and entryways.

7) Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

You can make your home more welcoming and valuable by considering updating your lighting fixtures; it doesn’t have to be expensive. Choose dramatic chandeliers for dining rooms or subtle recessed ceiling lights for corridors and living rooms. Lighting also affects house sales.

LED, recessed, energy-efficient, and dimmer switches are popular among purchasers. Upgrading your lighting may help sell your property even if it doesn’t increase its worth. You can do so by adding more lights. Lighting your front and back yards and lighting around the door will raise your home’s curb appeal and value.

8) Replace Your Windows and Doors

There are many reasons to replace your home’s windows and doors, including that they usually have a high ROI.

New energy-efficient windows and doors may increase your home’s market value and save your power bills. Replacement windows and doors can transform the appearance of your house for a low cost.

Doors and windows may be remodeled to suit your tastes. Bay windows, for instance, are considered a valuable upgrade in Tuscon. The windows’ larger surface area and projecting design maximize the sunlight that can enter the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.


Making improvements to your home can dramatically increase its sale value. Knowing what updates buyers value most and which updates will have the most impact can help you make smart home improvement decisions that will pay off when it’s time for you to sell.

So, start by assessing your goals and needs. Connect with an experienced realtor in your neighborhood to get their professional opinion on how best to invest in home improvements. You got this!

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